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Sapience - General Outline by Anonymous on January 27th, 2011, 5:46 am
The writing inside these pages is nothing more than a compilation of thoughts, I am not a “professional” writer. I am your average 18 year old male looking for some way through this plane, trying to find some answer to our existence. The writing in this will vary from unsound claims to personal experiences.
What do I make of life?
Beyond every celestial theology is truth, beyond every brain is the answer. We all live in our own realities; we share our own interpretations into what’s formidable of society.
I cannot claim your world is any less real than my own, nor that the answers to your life are any less realistic. I am only one man, this is only my compilation of thoughts. I am not trying to change your opinion, but offer relation or understanding for other people. That’s my only drive with this, I don’t care whether you agree or disagree, but express your thoughts. Philosophy only moves forward with help from questioning, so share your ideals with the world.
Sapience is the name I ca...

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Are paradoxes misunderstanding? by Anonymous on February 21st, 2010, 7:56 pm
I think I understand the endless midpoint dilemma of Zeno.
Some sums of infinitesmals finish with a small finite solution.
Even though there are an infinity of midpoints between one runner and
the one in front of him it is still possible for the lead runner to be
passed because the infinity of half way lengths add up to a finite
runner separation. This separation is eliminated by the chase runner
who crosses an infinity of separation midpoints.
Perhaps the same slicing of runner gaps can be applied to food.
If I have one pizza and divide it into an endless number of
slices I don't suddenly have more food than I can finish.
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Understanding Deep Nature by Anonymous on August 20th, 2009, 5:06 pm
In order to understand the deep nature one must temporarily forgo a reliance on the mind; such understanding is only a result of awareness as a result of pure consciousness, and cannot be formulated or reasoned. The mind is a tool designed for a purpose; deep nature goes beyond this purpose. Consciousness is the tool of ascension.
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Aesthetic Realism I - Nick Zangwill by Anonymous on March 13th, 2011, 12:19 pm
From Levinson, J. ed., The Oxford Handbook of Aesthetics.

I must grant Zangwill his claim that folk-aesthetics is 'realist', that is, discussed and thought of in such a way that aesthetic judgements have (what he calls) 'realist aspirations' more robust than those of (e.g.) gustatory judgements.

It could be commented that he expects too much of the claim that aesthetic judgements may be better or worse than one another: whilst he claims that previous anti-realistic accounts beg the question against such a possibility (p.68), one could say the same about his assertion of it. (How has it come about that "de gustibus non est disputandum" is now a common platitude as opposed to a phrase viewed with general contempt?) However, I accept that folk-theory — the focus of his essay — may warrant such a brute claim.

In §5, the notion of the quasi-realist solution to the phenomenon of normativity is perhaps give...

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The quantum mechanics is wrong (1) by Anonymous on June 2nd, 2009, 2:57 am
The quantum mechanics is wrong (the light is particle, but not wave-particle duality)
zheng sheng ming
In order to show the interference fringe of light is a result of the gravitation, which the moving photons produced. I did experiment 9. (See figure 9) Three light beams A,O, and C, are created.

Figure.9. Picture a is the state of force in the three light beams A, O, and C; picture b shows the section of movement of light beams A, O, and C; picture c is the photograph of light beams A, and C when they are first on the screen; picture d is the photograph when the outer part of light beam A is removed. In picture d, the white line is the original site of light beam A when outside light beam has not been removed; the green line is the site of light beam A when its outside fringe has been removed, and the red arrow is the direction of the light beam A accepting this force; The purple line in picture b is the moving track of light...

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