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exhausted monument obelisk inscribed ozzymandiaz or bust... by Anonymous on May 24th, 2014, 11:51 pm
remember seeing the third eye of stillborns rolling back in the universal skull another failed necromancy among stones... remember the ecstacy of passion... and 1980-something missing cartoon bits... the golden gummy... the nintendo impact... be warry warry quiet... all to the sound of fists pounding upon the floor... and doodle scribbles in pad after pad after pad of toilet paper...
there is a joke in there somewhere about how a stand up comic needs something to stand on to stand up... in a literal sense... remember comedy central... its still central to comedy... spot on indeed... ding dong ding dong ding dong dong ding... its quarter till tomorrow... and the future is uncertain except tomorrow's tomorrow will be all about living it up in the memory...
literal translations aside there is a nostalgia to those places where we would be our very own great golden gods... standing on rooftops above pools... slaughtered by lsd... exclaiming our being for what it is... rockstars... idol worship...

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Letter 1 - The Joshua Letters - 1.859 by Anonymous on January 11th, 2012, 12:50 pm

I am Joshua, and these are my letters. They are a summary of findings from my journey to discover and comprehend the truth about life’s great questions. Although these questions are the base subject matter of the world’s great disciplines; religion, philosophy, cosmology, physics/astrophysics, quantum mechanics, etc., I will state for the record that I am not formally schooled in any of them. However, just to stir up a bit of plot (wink, wink), I will also state that despite the fact that for the first time in history all of the information needed to put the picture together and logically come to a conclusion of the truth is readily available, no one has done it and published it (or at least not that I can find). So yes, I Joshua am indeed declaring myself first to present the picture depicting of the truth on our own existence. I don’t do so to boast but rather I, (1) hope to find others out there who have likewise discovered these truths; (2) invite the challenges of those who m...

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Godchaser by Anonymous on May 8th, 2009, 2:27 am

O, seeker of peace,
O, seeker of joy,
Where find you these treasures?
In self, or in riches?

Looking, but not seeing.
Listening, but not hearing.
Life without living, free yet bound,
Decisive yet uncertain.
Bound by illusion, immersed in ones own thoughts;
rushing here and there, yet going nowhere fast.

Be silent; you will hear.
Be still; you will see.
Speaking, yet unheard, sits the sparrow in the oak.
Silent and unseen, rooted flower in the grass.
Why do you hurry? Why do you rush?
Where do you go?

O, Seeker of Light;
In darkness you do search, but in light will you find.
O, Seeker of Life;
In death you do seek, but in life will you find.

You who walk through air,
You who walk through water;
What see you? This and that, and that and this?
Here and there, and there and here?
Many are the faces of One;
this IS that, and that IS this.
All is one, and one is all,
yet divided and apart see you all things.

Shapes and forms, shifting and changing,
but illusions are these: to...

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Science Cheerleaders Perform at the USA Science and Engineering by Sisyphus on November 23rd, 2010, 8:12 pm
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hashtag elaborate revision compiles over 70,000 miles by Anonymous on July 15th, 2014, 8:58 am
where ealier this month i mentioned the idea of additional point(*s) should be standard tools of measurement, this is to clearify what was implied... after all, i can only expect you to do all the work i need done for what i want to be true if you're gonna do what you need to do for what you want to be true... its really the ideal stoic epiphany: everyone subscribes to cynicism, and for whatever the choice to double down on it is, we have no choice in the matter...
anywho... the idea is simple... put a point, a dot... a place to stand... outside of the area of the 2D image of the shape... to imagine looking at the shape from that place to stand... you would see a line... if you proport the relationship of the length of the shape and the distance of the point from the shape... then you can relate a rational depth to the image of a shape... you just have to remember that the 2D shape is one of an infinite number of slices of that loaf...
regulators... mount up... what if you add other exotic...

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