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ABOUT TONY FAJER by tonan on May 3rd, 2010, 9:41 pm
Iv'e been in academics all my life. I live in Portland, OR, affilliated with Portland State University and the Oregon Board of Higher Education in the Precept or Professor Emeritis and Visiting Professor.
I was lead and ordered by the Board to further my 'career'(since none finishes high-level physic and ontological philosophy) until death. I will aqueer their wishes for my 2nd PhD.
I am a retired Senior Petty Officer in the US Navy--back seat sensor operator to do reconnicense over the oceans in long-range patrol aircraft.
I will apply myself to the spirit of the conversations of the forum the best I can, hopfully without being what some people think of 'arrgancy'.
After awhile, I my add to this Blog; for right now , Iv'e had my say. Thank you.
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bad juju moon + impossible epitaph by Char0n on April 15th, 2014, 7:46 am
don't trust me when i'm dead... i will serve lower things than you or i and almost certainly us... and if history tells us nothing its only trying to bait us with someplace to throw our trash... i'd tell you more but then i'd have to kill you... i mean... the point is that if you think of yourself as better for having morals or an ethical outlook... fine... but don't expect the "thing with forty eyes" to be thrilled...
so it was cloudy and overcast last night... and instead of holding out hope for a break in the poor weather to see the eclipse i went to bed... wake up this morning... stupid cowardly dreams... and there are several inches of snow on the ground... what omen... snow under a blood moon... sounds like something out of the necronomicon or some twisted freaky isht
its too early for all this and more... or less... nothing breaks ice like global warming... how bout this weather... what internet isn't mankind emmersed in the power of his own mind... talk about transcendence......

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Are paradoxes misunderstanding? by timeremaining on February 21st, 2010, 7:56 pm
I think I understand the endless midpoint dilemma of Zeno.
Some sums of infinitesmals finish with a small finite solution.
Even though there are an infinity of midpoints between one runner and
the one in front of him it is still possible for the lead runner to be
passed because the infinity of half way lengths add up to a finite
runner separation. This separation is eliminated by the chase runner
who crosses an infinity of separation midpoints.
Perhaps the same slicing of runner gaps can be applied to food.
If I have one pizza and divide it into an endless number of
slices I don't suddenly have more food than I can finish.
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Patent # 1647 or 78317 or even 644077 by Char0n on July 14th, 2014, 9:53 pm
Even when the music swells as if by the magic of some moon other than the moon… I mean even when we landed on the moon… something tells me, what a mistake that was… that celestial neighbor is the mirrored looking glass we all calibrate our inner reflections on or off of rather… and now I hear it even had a rabbit infestation…
What ever happened to green cheese… and did anyone ever think to consume lunar pebbles to make sure that our dna registers the data involved in proving a myth to be a myth by taking the bait… like a fish up close on the shore… gets just deep enough to be wrapped up in one of them there prehensile tongues of Cthulhu… I mean if chameleons have them…
Nah, that’s just in photo-shopped images of that one in profile as it slaps at a fly and the pink line it makes spirals off into the ratios of all things… maybe make a stop along the way to crawl up on the bow of a cigarette boat making a run on a corona commercial… bring some dos equis and some babes… I mean it’s a man’...

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Quantum Gravity final instalment by Obvious Leo on December 17th, 2012, 4:57 pm
Setting aside the philosophical implications of this quantum gravity model, which I explore extensively in my philosophy of the bloody obvious, there are some consequences for physics which may make this important science once again accessible to the man of common sense.
We are easily able to draw many conclusions from this model which eradicate the inherent paradoxes of general relativity, but my life’s goal has been to hurl quantum mechanics into the conceptual dustbin where it belongs. It has been the most confusing mathematical fiddle in the history of science and a monstrous affront to fundamental reason. Every event has a cause. There are no exceptions. Only existence itself can be self-causal.

It is no easy matter to regard ourselves as hurtling through time at the speed of light like a cosmic missile but if we manage to conceptualise this we see the universe quite differently.
Naturally time warps, wormholes, singularities, causal loops and all the other impossibilities vanish f...

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