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Note 1 by Anonymous on January 19th, 2012, 9:53 am
I am posting this as more of a note than a letter. It is my response to a string of comments that I have received that have brought me to realize the necessity of covering one more important aspect on the topic of truth.

Since the time I started actively seeking truth, I have frequently heard, “Truth is relative dependent upon the person who is interpreting and their perception of it”. This is I believe, a misunderstanding that stems out of the goodness of people’s hearts, wanting to avoid confrontation and maintain the peace. It is a misconception so common that it has acquired it’s own catch phrase, “perception is reality”, but I would hope the reader would understand that such is not true… perception of truth does not equal truth. To help make this point let me present an example. For every given person, the question can be asked, “Are they dead or alive”. The truth to this question is generally easy to pin down. However, if the person is dead, the question, “How did they die?” can ...

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Virtual reality by Anonymous on May 2nd, 2014, 7:48 am


Let us examine knowledge and its functions as well as its capacities and dimensions. Knowledge requires a platform to operate, which is called language. As a beginning, will it not be easy to explore the following aspects?

What we speak and write
How do we acquire linguistic skills?
Is not the word an abstract entity all by itself?
Finally, are we using the word or used by it

To think of thinking is the need of the day, but do we know what thinking is or are we carried away by the process itself?

Word is a window to its knowledge and feelings generated. The teacher and his/her teachings, without these two there is neither education nor the world we visualize. There is a gap between the word and the real object. E.g. the word Apple is not the real apple, so the gap is the problem. To solve this problem are we not creating innumerable problems? Simply we say that the problem lies in...

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Welcome to the User Blog Mod! by BioWizard on May 2nd, 2009, 6:32 pm
Welcome to the User Blog Mod!
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Victim or Victor? by weakmagneto on July 10th, 2013, 10:25 pm
Sometimes in life, people will do the most awful things to you. They will outright lie about you, take advantage of you, use your weaknesses as an opportunity to advance themselves or their ego, try to destroy you through gossip, blame, shame or violence. What’s a person to do? Should we seek revenge on them? Should we expose them for who they really are? Should we set the record straight? OR Should we be the better person and let go of their attempt to gain power over you. Let it go. These types of people are a lesson in your story. They give you experience. Feel sorry for them, they must try and hurt others in order to feel good about themselves. OR Simply, they do not have feelings and do not know the difference between wrong and right. The challenge is being the better person. Letting go of one’s ego is difficult to be sure, but can be done if we make it a choice. It is still difficult to let go of the feelings of revenge, but it is a disservice to yourself to let tho...

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HOW TO FIGHT by Sisyphus on June 14th, 2010, 12:44 am
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