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It *could* just be coincidence by Sisyphus on October 22nd, 2009, 8:55 pm
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Cosmic Engineering (Part 1) by BurtJordaan on October 19th, 2012, 7:26 am
I'm an engineering microbe (EM), living on a spinning ball, which is part of a bearing deep inside the cosmic machine. We call this ball Earth. To explore my machine, I would love to get off this ball in order to get a better view. I found that pretty difficult, maybe even impossible, so the only thing that seems feasible is to roam around on the surface of the ball.

Scientist microbes (SMs) tell me that I would need a pretty high speed to get off this ball, never mind getting to other parts of the ball bearing or the machine. I told them not to worry, we EMs can design rockets and if we can get it to burn for long time, we will easily reach the speed of light. Look here, I told my SM friend, back of the envelope calculations say that if I build a simple one "g" rocket engine that burns for 1 year, it will travel just faster than the speed of light.

Wait a minute, my friend said – you seem to forget Einstein’s special relativity that says things cannot reach the speed of lig...

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Butterfly Life Cycle Video by Chia on July 27th, 2009, 4:34 am
The short person is away at her grandmother's, but I promised her I would post a link to her video. The butterfly life cycle, as explained by a kid who likes to vanish from in front of the camera. She'll be making more, but this is her first.

(For some reason it won't let me use the url BBCode so this is copypasta)
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The way we think by Desipere on December 4th, 2012, 4:40 am
In my Words Theory I postulate, that our thinking is all about diffraction of cosmic rays on the "grating" of our brains. The grating is simply our cerebral cortex, built of 6 layers, thick 3 mm, and with very sophisticated folded surface covered with grooves.


It only confirms one of the basic laws of Nature, that all our thinking comes from outside.

How does it work?

From Physics we already know, that any mass particle, could be also considered as a packet of waves. Louis de Broglie in 1929 won the Nobel Prize in Physics, for his theory confirmed in experiments that sometimes particles behave as matter and sometimes as waves.

Taking that theory under account, any particle of cosmic ray which consist of 89% hydrogen nuclei, 10% of helium nuclei and 1% are the nuclei of heavier elements - is a stream of waves. That stream of waves goes...

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Quantum Gravity Part 2 by Obvious Leo on December 15th, 2012, 12:54 am
An expanding universe must expand in four dimensions, not three, because there can be no external frame of reference for time. This throws up some rather bewildering observer effects. The universe is expanding through its own temporal frame of reference. It is making its own time. This is the dimension in which entropy drives the expanding universe so we regard the universe as existing only at this temporal boundary. If we return to our balloon analogy then the skin of the balloon represents the time dimension and this is where the universe actually is. The three-dimensional space which the skin of the balloon encloses is the universe that we perceive. Therefore space is made by expanding time and has no independent existence. Although the universe is a finite entity it can have no spatial boundary, since it is everything that exists. However it must have a temporal boundary or reality could not proceed in an orderly fashion. The temporal boundary of the universe is the present quantum...

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