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kung fu jedi adventures to the farthest star by Char0n on July 17th, 2014, 8:30 am
sure the observable universe is a suggestion of relativity... or some such logic of can't... well then shuks... lets all go i some i i i iiii iiiiiiiiiiiiii and exetera... because as soon as you let i be a word your on the clock... i suppose like depreciation for auto mobiles... where as soon as you drive it off the lot it downs some nestea and lets it happen...
ah the ole karma bums who take the opportunity while alive to wager thier being on the spin of the wheel of fortune... like the price is right or some parish festival booth game of chance or skill in the arts of gazing into crystal balls or tarro stripper deck's... learn yourself some palmistry... then i can drop a hot lazer pointer on you with the instruction to unsteal it...
initiating deep time capsule... see yall in some time... it won't be long i swear... and then i won't be here... and then here wont be here and then we'll have to start all over with our count of where we are or were or was or would be in that time which hasn't...

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Barbarians "ante portas". by alpha_3 on September 4th, 2010, 6:18 am
Pr. Hawking is going to announce, as I read in my newspaper, the end of philosophy as science in his new book "The Grand Design". But matter and its secrets are not really of a great importance in philosophy-at least for us traditional or a bit old fashioned thinkers. Matter is a corollary of the true substance and its study can provide interesting but not definitive solutions on the old question: why am I here?
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can i interest you in a change of plans with your coffee? by Char0n on May 18th, 2014, 8:19 am
Have you ever heard of those cats that eat off of their owners corpse…. Fingertips and or toes to keep from starving… eyes out of spite… for being locked up in some apartment with the person wasn’t enough they had to go and die in such a way that no one discovers the body until it stinks so bad they have to wear hazmat to go in…
Reminds me of those sushi girls… lay naked in front of Saki crazed upper middle class business men and mobsters… or some other strange stratification of people that fit with ‘prefer their sushi served on a naked woman’… not at all like the kind of people who fit the category of ‘buy their sushi at a gas station’… and lets not forget the proportional relation to other sushi lovers…
Chocolate covered grasshoppers… maybe some other processed insect… in hot oil or over fire… just don’t flop some raw octopus or fish guts on my plate and call it prepared… cause the special ingredient in all soul food is the care… something about the reiki influence… expend energy prep...

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Fun? FUN! by rko619 on November 4th, 2009, 3:28 pm
Why do people have this uncontrollable urge to put themselves in absolute Chaos and come away saying it was fun?

I just got back from our town's little firework display, you know there's fast food stalls (seriously doubt that any of them have good food safety records) a small fare and an AMAZING (yes it really was A~M~A~Z~I~N~G lol), and i think i can sum it up in two words:


There was no order at all! For money making reasons they cram all the big attractions into the entrance, which, is about 7 metres wide, I was seriously beginning to think I was going to be crushed!
Then came the flashing lights, I am glad that I don't have epilepsy, why do they need to be so bright, then, came the possible heart failure, as i walked as a ride (or was thrown past the ride by the stampede of drugged up chav's and street dwellers) it shouted at me, at such a volume that I couldn't hear the fireworks!

This together with heavy rain, resulted in me staying for ten minutes.

I just...

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Nature vs Nature - Psychology by tookie23 on January 27th, 2011, 5:48 am
What is human development?
Human development is the advancement of our consciousness & potential as a species. I think throughout human development we learn to take the ideals of those whom we would like to be close to us. We also should develop to a state in which we can provide a state of stability for ourselves.
Nature Vs Nurture
What roles do they play?
Recently I studied the physiological matter that makes up humans, I wanted to understand the roles Nature and nurture took in our character build up, and while I may be unable to offer an absolute definition I did come up with a theory.
I believe there are a lot of hereditary things programmed into our brain that will not shine through unless exposure to certain experiences happens. There are certainly exceptions to this rule especially when you look at deeper psychological issues such as schizophrenia and multi personality disorder. I do know that nature plays at least some roll in...

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