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Philosophers Stone by Infinite wisdom on March 9th, 2014, 11:24 pm
I believe I can composite the nucleus for a philosophers stone,given the proper time,help & common sense believability?... My theory derive's from the polarization of planetary magnetization of our solar system's gravitation pull into the sun,as well as the composite nucleus of the chemical compositions I've derived too make this metamorphous happen,& comments would be greatly welcome?...
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fluid dynamic funny and cleanliness is godliness is untrue... by Char0n on May 22nd, 2014, 11:33 pm
down in front! focus! Focus! hai@shift1exclaimation point! podiums are not tables they are pedastools for a centerpiece which does not sit... rest... remain inert... a shield and a sword... for the object of intangibility... namely ... expression... of voice.... of speech... of dialect... and oration... its a funny table that people joke with... never give a speech at a podium with a ledge its counterproductive...
let the weight of the pencil draw the speech back toward the down and in of the speaker... warp the world around the object of invention... *insert the perfect explaination for reality here* i mean its really all about the hush of ancient wisdom discovered by the ancient as themselves... i think therefor i am... i know that i know nothing and it doesn't bother me at all that we live in a make believe... or maybe it does a little...
don't shoot the messenger... the future of intellegence is now just like now was then it IS then and all hell and infinity plus are then...

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Philosophy Pet Peeves by Zach82 on June 17th, 2009, 10:43 pm
It never fails. Start discussing the possibility of objective morals and someone chimes in with the argument "I don't think there is objective right and wrong- lots of people have done horrible things in the name of good." This dense argument is peddled by philosophers and non-philosophers alike. Of course, this argument is an unsound one. I hardly deny that knowing those objective morals is difficult. However, our pet peeve argument presumes that there are no objective morals simply because people have been greviously wrong about their moral judgements. How is it that confusion implies non-existence? Even these folks presume objective morality the moment they say "People have done horrible things..." Honestly.

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DALnet SSL & MacIrssi by toucana on June 28th, 2010, 7:40 pm
DALnet have recently added SSL (secure socket layer) connection capabilities to all their servers. The rolling upgrade was one of the reasons why DALnet servers were behaving so oddly a month or so ago. They had to be taken off-line one by one to have the code patches installed.

SSL is meant to provide end to end encryption of all sessions between your IRC client and server which reduces the risk of having passwords or other confidential information stolen. DALnet have also added both a new user mode +S to indicate that an SSL connection is in use, and a new optional channel mode +S for channels that require all users to be SSL connected as a condition of entry.

I wanted to test the new SSL facilities with my default IRC client MacIrssi which is basically a Cocoa GUI version of the well known Unix terminal Irssi client. There is plenty of documentation about using Irssi, but very little about MacIrssi, so I was curious to see how well this would play.

Establishing a connection...

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Penn Point: Agnostics Suck! - Penn Point by Sisyphus on December 14th, 2011, 6:10 am
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