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Kant, Quasi-Realism, and the Autonomy of Aesthetic Judgement by Zin5ki on April 10th, 2011, 11:26 am
By Robert Hopkins, from European Journal of Philosophy 9:2, 2001, pp.166-189.

It seems that antirealists are keen to espouse their own means of explaining why, when faced with aesthetic disagreement, it is of merit to hold one of the two aesthetic ascriptions to be somehow defective, somehow in violation of a norm. Of course, this must be so without wholly aesthetic states of affairs being appealed to.

Hopkins considers a Kantian maxim, an understanding of which I cannot proclaim, in order to establish such a norm. Whilst no obstacle is presented by suggesting that aesthetic judgements are non-cognitive expressions of pleasure, which although unpopular is certainly an understandable doctrine, Hopkins employs the rule that the harmony between what Kant calls the understanding and what he calls the faculty of imagination is a necessary condition for making an aesthetic judgement (p.170)....

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The way we think by Desipere on December 4th, 2012, 4:40 am
In my Words Theory I postulate, that our thinking is all about diffraction of cosmic rays on the "grating" of our brains. The grating is simply our cerebral cortex, built of 6 layers, thick 3 mm, and with very sophisticated folded surface covered with grooves.


It only confirms one of the basic laws of Nature, that all our thinking comes from outside.

How does it work?

From Physics we already know, that any mass particle, could be also considered as a packet of waves. Louis de Broglie in 1929 won the Nobel Prize in Physics, for his theory confirmed in experiments that sometimes particles behave as matter and sometimes as waves.

Taking that theory under account, any particle of cosmic ray which consist of 89% hydrogen nuclei, 10% of helium nuclei and 1% are the nuclei of heavier elements - is a stream of waves. That stream of waves goes...

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by the beards of Hessen... by Char0n on March 27th, 2014, 10:10 am
T + sadism is easily mistakable for the sociological phenomenon associated with a 'perfect storm' (*cliche) of extenuating circumstances... call it the rivalry of ages... as in the pre-modern/present... and the irrelevancy of the past... not that the past is obsolete... and in fact the opposite... the past is the final innovation...
no... to isolate those who merely cut at the skin of the web of connectivity, makes them all the more of brand... and which is the greater good... to incorporate the 'glaring inequality of understanding and of ability to communicate in absentia...'etc. etc.. into the collective identity of the human race (*cliche)... basically... to believe your self an evolution unto itself merely because you possess an adaptation which has served YOU well does not alone secure your prodigy in the house of things to come...
as for the low, the filth, the weak... fear not the ostrasization for spelling out massive ignorance and uncertain...

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The superstitious pigeon by Sisyphus on October 22nd, 2009, 9:05 pm
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Teen-Kind by rko619 on December 12th, 2009, 8:57 am
Teenager's, they're annoying aren't they. I should know, I am one.
They drive me to distraction, and I don't doubt the drive you to distraction too.
All we hear is, Graffiti - Drunk - Knife Crime - Gun Crime - Suicide - Teen Pregnancy.

But, we are not all the same, Their is a small minority (Kind of like England compared to America) who don't act like complete retard's. Please, next time you see someone with a hoody, don't assume they're about to knife you, I wear hoody's daily, I own a Swiss army knife and i can guarantee it has never left the house since me and my granddad went camping last year.

We're not all the same, Don't be too Quick to Judge/
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