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high definition hauntavirus adjective by Char0n on April 10th, 2014, 12:00 am
so ive been doing some spring cleaning... i've heard from billy collins that if you clean first and write later you get some kinda 'good' result... then again you look at someone like hunter s. tomPson... go all gonzo ... the human cannon ball... the rubber chicken... wait no that's fozzy... then again my highschool theology teacher told us all to be Real... nothing more... Real...
also... i've invested 150$ american in two tablet computers... one memory card... and a few apps and such... its interesting... cause i just got the second one today and i come to find out that the little warped friggin camera, the one facing the right way, is tilted... skew... annoyance... anywho you get what you pay for... i like the idea of a filing cabnet drawer full of stuff in tablets... cave man liberary meets time machine
got a lot to do... sorry if this is late... you can't rush genius... even if it isn't genius... then it is just plain slow... T-minus 1 minute ... beep beep... different clock... until...

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No "Under God" in Porky's Pledge by Sisyphus on January 21st, 2010, 9:23 pm
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We Love Science! Er...Most of It. by Paralith on April 10th, 2011, 6:51 pm
My last post ended on an optimistic note about how much Americans really do love and respect science. It seems that current events needed to retaliate and cut down my offensive enthusiasm. Last week, the results of a survey of public high school biology teachers were published, showing that over half of our country's biology teachers "fail to explain the nature of scientific inquiry, undermine the authority of established experts, and legitimize creationist arguments."

I cannot entirely blame teachers for this; last week I heard an evolutionary biologist describe how her husband, a high school science teacher in Tennessee, does not want his school or his community to know that his wife studies evolution. I have no doubt that many teachers face incredible pressure from parents.

There have also been several news stories in the past week about state legislatures passing or attempting to pass laws about what to teach in students in biology class. Perhaps Americans do appreciate...

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Calgary gathering votes to confine payday advance operations by Jameshopesca on December 7th, 2015, 1:37 pm
Calgary gathering votes to confine payday advance operations

The move mirrors regulations that exist in different purviews in Canada and the United States, and is like the principles overseeing alcohol stores in Calgary, which can't work inside 300 meters.

One of the significant issues is the convergence of the organizations in poorer zones.

Speakers at chamber on Monday highlighted the cycle of obligation that frequently traps the individuals who use payday-advance administrations, which charge high loan fees.

Mike Brown, open strategy co-ordinator with neighborhood association Momentum, refered to insights that say 22 for each penny of the individuals who utilize the administrations return month to month.

He said that bunching of the banks "legitimizes" them.

The movement was likewise bolstered by the United Way and Vibrant Communities Calgary.

Darrell Howard with VCC said the moneylenders "really are counter-gainful to the neediness decrease procedures going...

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Are paradoxes misunderstanding? by timeremaining on February 21st, 2010, 7:56 pm
I think I understand the endless midpoint dilemma of Zeno.
Some sums of infinitesmals finish with a small finite solution.
Even though there are an infinity of midpoints between one runner and
the one in front of him it is still possible for the lead runner to be
passed because the infinity of half way lengths add up to a finite
runner separation. This separation is eliminated by the chase runner
who crosses an infinity of separation midpoints.
Perhaps the same slicing of runner gaps can be applied to food.
If I have one pizza and divide it into an endless number of
slices I don't suddenly have more food than I can finish.
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