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Connection between Language and concept by Anonymous on April 3rd, 2012, 6:50 pm
"Love, Happiness, Truth" perhaps even the word "God" can be understood on many levels. Considering the levels at which "Love" can be understood, the highest understanding of love in our English language seems to be "Union." Perhaps there is a higher understanding (state) of love but there is no word in our language to describe that state. Do we need a word to describe this higher state of love before we can understand it and experience that state? If so, what do you believe the word should be? Is it "subjective expansion" as one person suggests, and, if so, what does that mean?

"Happiness" is also difficult to describe cause it means different things to different people, from a sense of mild contentment to ecstatic joy. Is there a word that describes (not temporary sense of satisfaction, well being) a state pf pervasive, ongoing "Happiness" that permeate the feeling of "All is well?"

I recently composed...

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Quantum Gravity Part 3 by Obvious Leo on December 16th, 2012, 2:32 am
All of the physical structures and forces of the universe result from causal events and this model offers a mechanism for this causality. This mechanism is a necessary phenomenon which allows events in the universe to proceed in an orderly fashion, which is the world of our experience. The laws of physics have thus been programmed into our cosmos by the collapse of the previous cycle. We regard these laws as the software being run on the cosmic computer and this statement is to be taken literally. Without such laws our universe would be incomprehensible, in plain contradiction of the evidence. Since the universe is executing a programme we conclude that the universe mandates its own comprehensibility.

It does this via the mechanism of evolution towards complexity. If we regard the big bang and the inflationary expansion as one and the same thing, this event took place outside the time dimension because the time metronome, our graviton, had run out of puff and the universe could not expand...

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HP BSOD after Windows Update by Schmungles on August 27th, 2009, 10:07 pm
Apparently, HP dv series laptops don't like Windows. This problem can be solved by installing a Linux distro ;)

On 8/25 Microsoft released Windows update KB973879. If you own an HP dv series laptop it may blue screen after installing the update. This can be solved by booting into safe mode and uninstalling the update from the Control Panel. Once you reboot you should be able to boot normally without a bsod. You don't have to worry about downloading the update again, Microsoft has removed it from the download center while they figure out how to write code...
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The dictatorship of the science of psychiatry by skakos on November 24th, 2012, 10:53 pm

Main article:

Science, like Religion, can be dogmatic if practiced incorrectly. Nowadays many scientists dogmatically believe that the soul does not exist, that science can answer everything (even though Godel has proven otherwise - see my article about the Limits of Science), that we are programmed by our instincts like every animal. Although not every scientist thinks that way, the fact that some professions or scientists' groups (like medicine or psychiatry) are dominated by materialistic narrow-thinking people has some peculiar effects that I will analyze below. If science is the art of doubting everything and not being dogmatic, then modern medicine and psychiatry should change...

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Substance dualism by Sisyphus on January 6th, 2010, 4:30 am
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