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dna&atoms AND my enjoyment of a science based life. by molly0ringwald on October 26th, 2010, 4:30 pm
COMMAND PROMPT/:.---...-..---....--...--...MY FIRST BLOG ENTRY WAS JUST THAT TO KEEP PEOPLE from having to wonder what i was really thinking why I was thinking this and what motivates me. i am on no social crusade except to enjoy life!i find or think things that i feel might be interesting to someone so i do my best to get that to that or those someone that is all, this is an objective look at science blog!
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Gravity by Dave_Oblad on June 29th, 2011, 8:13 pm
Hi Folks,

Please be aware that I have no Degree or Pedigree. I am self taught and am an avid physics hobbyist. I am most intrigued by Cosmology and have read everything I can lay my hands on. The following is basically a selection of ideas that I have sewn together to form what I believe to be a better description of the Principles involved in Cosmology regarding Gravity. Again, I have no authority. Just a rather bright and logical mind which I sometimes put to good use.

Gravity: (As I would describe using more conventional terms)

Gravity is not a pulling force nor an exchange of force particles. Matter curves space-time. The probability motion inherent in matter (say an atom) is such that the probable location of an atom is influenced by curved space-time to favor the direction of greater curvature. If one charts the probable location of an atom as a series of surrounding rings with highest probability being in the center circle and lesser probabilities for each outward ring then an...

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Virtual reality by sekhar on May 2nd, 2014, 7:48 am


Let us examine knowledge and its functions as well as its capacities and dimensions. Knowledge requires a platform to operate, which is called language. As a beginning, will it not be easy to explore the following aspects?

What we speak and write
How do we acquire linguistic skills?
Is not the word an abstract entity all by itself?
Finally, are we using the word or used by it

To think of thinking is the need of the day, but do we know what thinking is or are we carried away by the process itself?

Word is a window to its knowledge and feelings generated. The teacher and his/her teachings, without these two there is neither education nor the world we visualize. There is a gap between the word and the real object. E.g. the word Apple is not the real apple, so the gap is the problem. To solve this problem are we not creating innumerable problems? Simply we say that the problem lies in...

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Godchaser by Timothy on May 8th, 2009, 2:27 am

O, seeker of peace,
O, seeker of joy,
Where find you these treasures?
In self, or in riches?

Looking, but not seeing.
Listening, but not hearing.
Life without living, free yet bound,
Decisive yet uncertain.
Bound by illusion, immersed in ones own thoughts;
rushing here and there, yet going nowhere fast.

Be silent; you will hear.
Be still; you will see.
Speaking, yet unheard, sits the sparrow in the oak.
Silent and unseen, rooted flower in the grass.
Why do you hurry? Why do you rush?
Where do you go?

O, Seeker of Light;
In darkness you do search, but in light will you find.
O, Seeker of Life;
In death you do seek, but in life will you find.

You who walk through air,
You who walk through water;
What see you? This and that, and that and this?
Here and there, and there and here?
Many are the faces of One;
this IS that, and that IS this.
All is one, and one is all,
yet divided and apart see you all things.

Shapes and forms, shifting and changing,
but illusions are these: to...

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"A Physician for all diseases and miseries" by toucana on April 6th, 2012, 12:23 pm
Today 6 April 2012 marks the start of a legal ban in UK against the display of tobacco products in retail outlets with a floor area larger than 280 square metres (3014 sq ft). Smaller convenience stores and newsagents have until April 2015 to figure out how to make cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco vanish out of sight below the counter.

The change in law has been championed by official government health spokespersons and also lobby groups like ASH (action on smoking and health) who claim that banning retail displays of cigarettes will help prevent children from taking up smoking, and also encourage existing smokers to abandon the habit. Advocates of such bans justify them in part by insisting that most smokers secretly wish to give up anyway.

As a former smoker who gave up smoking 18 months ago after 37 years of smoking I am not so sure that all of the assumptions in play here are valid. People...

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