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NEW MEMBER by arkwright on July 7th, 2009, 9:10 pm
I joined today. I'm a retired lawyer. I taught some philosophy courses part-time. I look forward to being active in the forum.
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Calgary gathering votes to confine payday advance operations by Jameshopesca on December 7th, 2015, 1:37 pm
Calgary gathering votes to confine payday advance operations

The move mirrors regulations that exist in different purviews in Canada and the United States, and is like the principles overseeing alcohol stores in Calgary, which can't work inside 300 meters.

One of the significant issues is the convergence of the organizations in poorer zones.

Speakers at chamber on Monday highlighted the cycle of obligation that frequently traps the individuals who use payday-advance administrations, which charge high loan fees.

Mike Brown, open strategy co-ordinator with neighborhood association Momentum, refered to insights that say 22 for each penny of the individuals who utilize the administrations return month to month.

He said that bunching of the banks "legitimizes" them.

The movement was likewise bolstered by the United Way and Vibrant Communities Calgary.

Darrell Howard with VCC said the moneylenders "really are counter-gainful to the neediness decrease procedures going...

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Waking Up by Mossling on September 18th, 2009, 10:05 am
When we wake up in the morning we seem to shift from a world where we have full control (or our subconconscious has full control) to a world where we likely have very little control over what happens. This can feel like a shift from contentment in to a depression of sorts, and so often in the morning we are not so happy.

It appears if we practice accepting this shift as inevitable, and embrace it enthusiastically - we have to get up and face the music some time, then it seems we can avoid an overly negative start to the day. The fuzzy cloud of disappointment - discovering we are no longer relaxing - lifts soon enough once we get our metabolism, etc. working, so why draw out that disappointment and hide under the duvet?

Rising with the Sun - joining the day on it's transition from morning to night - can also seem to give us a sensation of being integrated with the planet on which we live - a positive feeling of being a part of profound...

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I Am Awareness by Mossling on November 26th, 2009, 10:09 pm
What or who is it within us who witnesses our witnessing? Is it our thoughts? It seems not.

When we are sleeping we can dream that we are a comic-book superhero, an actor, an alien, and even an animal. For the length of that dream we can believe very strongly that we are that person or thing, but when we wake up we can realise we are not that person or thing and that we weren't actually that person or thing while we were dreaming. Even if we were an animal, we remember being that animal in a very human way. It seems something or someone human was witnessing that delusion while we were dreaming. What or who is that witnesser?

It seems like it is pure awareness.

Since our thoughts can create a very realistic, yet illusory world all around us and within our head; causing us to believe we are something we are not, it seems safer to identify our true self with that which is within us which is always witnessing - this pure awareness separate...

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evolving from ordinary organism to transcendent epiphany by Char0n on July 8th, 2014, 12:30 am
it isn't enough to be alive during the shift in paradigm of some mayan calander that started August 11 3114BCE... and culminated going on two years ago on December 21 2012... you have to contribute something to the human experience... like adding a cog to the inner workings of some universal machine... and thats not easy... i mean can you even think of a thing that hasn't been concieved of yet...
not just some vivid figment of the imagination... i mean who invented dragons and demons and other allegorical dreams and what not... i mean is it too much to wonder if socrates' story of the cave was based on unrecorded history... or for that matter if hippocrates died when he invented a hypodermic and injected air to his own blood... cause if he did... that artifact would be burried in a box with the word fool on its lid...
isn't that the point though... to factualize art via the self... kind of like having a backdoor escape hatch attached to your entirely subjective experience that lets you...

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