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Retribution For Bad Deeds by Mossling on August 29th, 2009, 4:03 am
Many people say that others do very bad deeds and 'get away with it'. This infers that if someone does a bad deed, they escape any retribution or any bad feelings regarding what they have done.

Can someone really feel relaxed and untroubled while killing someone? We see it in the movies, but is this realistic? It seems like a mechanism to scare the audience more than a reflection of what a murderer would be like in real life.

If the murderer is naturally relaxed and calm, why would they need to murder people? - They would be too comfortable to bother, would they not? Or maybe you think they would be agitated before beginning to murder, but then feeling of murdering somehow calms them? If they can only be calm when murdering, then their life outside of that must be pretty hellish. And if they can't be calm and relaxed while murdering, then their life must be pretty hellish also.

The point is that murdering someone - blood spurting, screams, emotional trauma, death throes, etc. - isn't...

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Things You Learn About Yourself by weakmagneto on March 13th, 2012, 1:29 pm
Sometimes, in life, you are challenged. You will never know what you would do in a particular situation until it happens. You discover many things about yourself and your true character may be revealed, good or bad.

One such event happened to me. A group of us ladies (4), along with my daughter, who was in her late teens, were going to an isolated graveyard located in the wilderness to visit the graves of our loved ones who had passed long, long ago.

We had to walk a ways in the bush to get to the graveyard. As we got there, I had the feeling we were being watched. Just as I caught sight of the family graves, I seen a bear, standing on its hindlegs, staring at us. The bear had no fear. It was a young bear, probably a few years old, almost full-grown.

I immediately alerted the others of the bear. I calmly told them to walk back toward where we had parked the boat. I kept my eye on the bear, it walked parallel to us, it was observing us. I observed it, I was prepared to fight...

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0 by Fuqin on April 13th, 2010, 2:54 pm
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phoenix phonics phooey... by Char0n on March 22nd, 2014, 2:13 am
i went to a funeral yesterday... it was nice... well as nice as a funeral... not that marsupials don't stay up late... and Koala around eucalyptis... that IS how you spell eucalyptis, right?... and at the cemetary they lowered the box... i bore pall... it was a stoic passing for this blurb pronoun... first person aside and all other variables accounted for...
people talk about random acts of kindness... free lunches... and constipated aesthetically pleasing moon-rises... until the celestial brother bleeds from his hands... go ask S. cunningham... wicca... reading your own tarot, the tower, the world, the fool, pentacles, wands... mysticism like good religion... in practice, always to be perfect, never at bat with a full count and a-name-a casey...
there is no shangri-la, the panda mountain valley... there is no mahogony jungle-gym... there is no lunar dream-base... or gone planet, with gone people, who left before we got here... only having had existed so as to be the great undiscoverable...

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The Possibility of Aesthetic Realism – Phillip Pettit by Zin5ki on March 8th, 2011, 5:55 pm
(From Pleasure, Preference and Value).

The suggestion that aesthetic properties can be seen, in a realistic fashion, as both essentially perceptual and perceptually elusive is made in an innocuous fashion here. Pettit outlines the notion of positioning an artwork amongst a varying set of others to overcome the obstacle posed to the realist by these two criteria, and nips at the bud an immediate anti-realist objection to this claim by showing why such positionings are constrained in specific ways.

Our leanings towards a realist account of aesthetic properties, perhaps in my case restricted to the non-evaluative (but nonetheless distinctly aesthetic) ones, is well-served by Pettit’s overview.

Nevertheless, what is not presented is a refutation of anti-realism, as the essay’s title may suggest.

It is not beyond plausibility that the construction of both the positioning in which works can be perceived ‘within’ a refer...

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