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Values and Secondary Qualities — John McDowell by Zin5ki on March 24th, 2011, 5:31 pm
Essay 7 of Mind, value, and reality.

Although McDowell brings our attention to a certain disanalogy between secondary and evaluative properties (p.143), he does not take this to prevent his analogy between the former and the latter from granting the ("intersubjective") objectivity of one to the other. Thereby he acts to refute John Mackie's principle attack on the realism of evaluative properties.

One could attempt to capitalise upon the disanalogy McDowell presents in blocking this attack, but such a disanalogy trades upon an intuition whereby the genesis of an evaluative response is merited by the response's intentional object (ibid), which is something an anti-realist is not incapable of denying and thus something she ought not to accept.

Instead, circumnavigating the obstacle he poses might involve the denial of the applicability of his "secondary"...

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been away and be back active soon by Interloper on November 3rd, 2009, 1:30 pm
Over the course of the summer and general good weather, I've shifted my attention from desk activities to gym activities to resolve some common ailments I've had. I've now rid myself of sciatic nerve irritations by spending copious time in the gym with mostly gentle activities (stretching and breathing exercises) and spend some minor time at more intense ones. I've been diagnosed with Osteoathritis in my hips recently but due to my diligence in designing an effective physical activity regimen, it doesn't bother me much at all. Actually, I have rejoined TaeKwonDo again to acheive my black belt; and I am doing quite well at it ... thanks to regular TaiChi I do also.

It has been a lot of work regaining good physical fitness again and many times it felt as if I was getting nowhere ... I've spent most, if not all, my time doing all sorts of activities, mostly self-trigger point therapy and stretches, and it has paid off. (Sound resistance training (powerlifting-oriented) has an important...

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The Emotional Experience by fujing on December 12th, 2013, 11:11 pm
A Core Component of Emotional Experience: A Conditioned Response of the Affect Component in Sensory Feeling

Based on the assumption that emotion is acquired, this article examines and analyzes the mental contents and neural basis of emotional experience and sensory feeling(e.g. pain, hunger,taste,smell and so on ) by referencing the existing theoretical viewpoints and experimental results. It is argued that emotional experience and sensory feeling are all the compound feelings that consist of cognitive representation(referring to all kinds of discriminative sensations and all kinds of mental representations based on them)and affect representation (only two conscious qualities, pleasure and displeasure that respectively carry the mental states of likes and dislikes,), and the affect representation is the core components of emotional experience. And then it is assumed that the core component of emotional experience,at the level of neural activity,originates from the cond...

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Atheism vs. Agnosticism by Sisyphus on December 20th, 2009, 3:59 pm

Austin Cline wrote:Atheism vs. Agnosticism
What's the Difference? Are they Alternatives to Each Other?

If atheism is just disbelief in gods, then what is the difference between that and agnosticism?

Many people who adopt the label of agnostic reject the label of atheist — there is a common perception that agnosticism is a more “reasonable” position while atheism is more “dogmatic,” ultimately indistinguishable from theism except in the details. This is not a valid position to adopt because it misrepresents or misunderstands everything involved: atheism, theism, agnosticism, and the nature of belief itself. It also happens to reinforce popular prejudice against atheists.

Prejudice Against Atheism, Atheists

Agnostics may sincerely...

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Adam Croom — Thick Concepts by Zin5ki on May 14th, 2011, 7:54 am
Thick Concepts, Non-Cognitivism, and Wittgenstein's Rule-Following
From The South African Journal of Philosophy 29.3 (2010): 286-309.

Croom's full text is freely available here.

In the decades since McDowell's Non-cognitivism and rule-following was published, it seems that those who follow the non-cogntivist footsteps of Ayer have been lumbered with having to mount a defence of their approach (or at least what is claimed to be their approach) to "thick" evaluative concepts. Adam Croom presents McDowell's arguments in terms of thick concepts (see p.290), and whilst one may have initially taken issue with this — for we assume McDowell's target to include non-cognitivist accounts of "thin" concepts also — it does afford a degree of written clarity tha...

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