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First Day by MyAsylum on March 29th, 2011, 3:02 pm
I am new to this website and am extremely glad i found it! I was actually going to create one if i couldnt find a website like this. Even though this website is full of experts and i have absolutely no credibility that is alright with me. I just like to discuss and further my knowledge in my area of interest. I m just looking to solving the only answer i want solved. "How can I become happy?". So far no matter what i tell myself, or what people tell me, I always revert back to, "What is the point?" "Whats my purpose?" "Do i need to accomplish something to be happy or can i find it in something small?" Im afraid that these answers can probably never be answered logicaly or with philosophy or any other method but i have decided that in my personal life ill just take an ignorant route in my daily living and just look for the truth on this website and elsewhere. Im kind of a hyprocrite, now that i think about it. I follow two different theories to live...

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Why Expressivists of Value should love Minimalism of Truth by Zin5ki on June 13th, 2011, 11:59 am
By Michael Smith, from Analysis. 54.1 (1994): 1-12.

There is a pleasing economy to minimalism. By accordance to it we needn't claim there to be such thing as a property of truth, nor must we claim that "true" loses meaning or utility as a result. (Disquotational and endorsing uses of "true", following Rorty, demonstrate this.) Expressivism shares a similar economy. Those who wish not to affirm the existence genuine evaluative properties may hold the role of evaluative discourse to be distinct from those of other areas that happen to share their surface features.

Now, if minimalism is a fast track to cognitivism for any speech acts with the appropriate syntactic form, expressivism may be in a bad position. Due to the way evaluative sentences can be used in all the other ways in which truth-assertable ones can be, it is held that evaluative sentences are themselves truth-apt. Being a variant of non-cognitivism however, expressivism of evaluative...

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Letter 4 by The Joshua Letters on January 19th, 2012, 9:53 am
In the last letter I presented that Matter is actually not made of anything solid or tangible but rather is comprised of something that only manifests itself to us as being so. Thus, whatever the heck it is that ‘Matter’ is - it is some very interesting stuff and the more we find out about it… the stranger it gets. Let’s dive a little further into what is known.

Science has discovered that on the atomic scale, the smallest entities (Photons, Electrons, etc), exhibit a strange characteristic in that they can behave as both a wave and a particle. This means that sometimes they act like marbles traveling through open space and sometimes they act like a wave traveling across the surface of water. This principle is known as Duality and is fairly deep so I encourage the reader to do a bit of research on it. The efforts that science has made to figure this puzzling characteristic out have yielded information that is fascinating and it is that information that I would like to focus on in this...

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First time using this, excuse the noob by Interloper on June 24th, 2009, 9:10 am
When a journalist expects you to rely on one camera,
he wants to spin a viewpoint to his favour;
when someone expects you to rely on one study, to cling to it,
he wants to spin a conclusion to an outcome he favours.

--- this came to me after a night of terrible dreams.
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Rue McClanahan Cat Party by Sisyphus on February 2nd, 2010, 11:11 pm
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