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Presentation to the Parish Council Meeting by goingtothedogs on May 11th, 2009, 1:24 pm
Tonight we're attending the Parish Council meeting. They've given us a ten minute slot. My partner is going to talk about building development on the farm and I'm going to talk about what we're doing with the land.

I've drawn up a few bullet points as a handout. Here it is:


1) Land Consists of 62 acres made up of:
a) Two large meadows of “equine” quality grassland
b) Flattish area of scrubby and marshy grassland leading to steep hillside gorse and bracken - Faces roughly north-west. Hillside land is slipping
2) Intended Usage of Land
a) Grassland – very suitable for hay and grazing. No intention to change in immediate future. Currently to be grazed by cattle and sheep.
b) Scrubby and Marshy Flatland & Hillside
i) Not suitable for much of value in conventional agriculture. Therefore to be developed as forest farm.
ii) This will consists of a variety of species of trees; canop...

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procrastinational catastrophe or else... by Char0n on May 23rd, 2014, 12:57 pm
mumbles followed by off into the distance... the silence past the vanishing... the point beyond the horizon off into ancient deep space some constellation straight up in the night sky... the epiphany of conical binocular vision and conceptual equivalency with cursory cognitive functions... small conefaced animals... we have cut off our noses to spite our faces...
its glorious, the return of stolen mythological women... all green and then in the cool shade of some variety of maple you turn and look up through the foliage of limbs and plant fur... the blue of robbin jealousy... so obtuse a vision... the world is vision... its a myth of pleasures and consistency of pregnancy and birth and life and rebirth... the bird is jealous enough to egg blue...
until the sun... swells the eyes to a pupil zip... a observable zilch, or zed, or nil... then some idiot who needs to be heard strangles out a statement that bares repeating in select and distant halls of big whoop... some where babies are crying...

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The First Firefox Phone Will Launch This Summer In 9 Countries by aidiri on April 16th, 2013, 6:05 am
Mozilla, the company that makes the Firefox Web browser, will begin selling phones running its new mobile operating system this summer in nine countries: Brazil, Colombia, Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Spain, and Venezuela

Why the slow rollout?

Speaking at AllThingsD's Dive Into Mobile conference today, Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs said Firefox OS will be targeted at emerging markets at first. The first phone will launch around June.

But the US won't be left out. Sprint has already committed to launching a Firefox OS phone, and the first should arrive in 2014. Kovacs said Mozilla is waiting for the ecosystem to develop a bit more before launching in the highly competitive US market.

Firefox OS is a web-based mobile operating system that is open for any developer to tinker with. It's a similar concept to Android, but all apps run within a browser for a uniform experience across all devices.

An earlier version of this story said phones with Firefox OS would launch in five...

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Cosmic Engineering (Relativity "Controversy" 1) by BurtJordaan on November 3rd, 2012, 8:25 am
I promised to help readers to walk the relativity and cosmology landscape, telling them where I discovered dead-ends. I will start with perhaps the biggest "controversies", those that kept me out of sleep for many nights. But, be warned, battle-hardened relativists will probably raise an eyebrow at what I have to say. To them, do not worry, I will not deviate from the mainstream, just from some dogmatic statements that have been proven untenable by reputable theorists in the field.

Relativity 'controversy' 1. “The actual one-way speed of light (in vacuum) equals the constant ‘c’ in every inertial frame of reference”. The correct interpretation of the facts is that although the two-way speed of light is an absolute constant of nature, the one-way speed of light is a convenient convention. Why? Because one has to define 'simultaneity' before you can measure speed as time over a distance.

In his 1905 paper on Special Relativity, Einstein wrote in his ...

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Flawed thinking by numbers by Sisyphus on October 22nd, 2009, 8:57 pm
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