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bull in a china shop looking for nose rings and energy drinks by Char0n on June 22nd, 2014, 11:10 pm
does it take one to know one... or shouldn't there be a standard range definition for the set of all irrational values... or for the cumulative infinity of the group of sets of all rational means... sure the rules of six degree's is about a 50/50 split... like flipping a coin... just an idea in a file let sit in the guts of a box on a shelf... i suppose, add sequence to the chaos and time will twist it with entropy...
if i could speak with my mouth full alittle more clearly, really enounciate the practice of marbles in my mouth... well everlasting gobstoppers... wonka and the nerds who projected the great conflict between nerds and thier eternal adversary... no no... its too presumptuous a thing to have any idea whatsoever as to how one of us will react to the mention of its name...
maybe its up in my grill right now... thats how to use that term right... grill = face... and its got itself wedged in tight to a blindspot somewhere between my eyes maybe thats what happens when you get you...

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Actuality by lisa7quantum on May 15th, 2009, 12:56 am
In the Mindset of Actuality

Reality asks the question what is real, could we consider what is actual. I mean the things that bring truth to the personal existence we have individually, our body and our thoughts as one. As quantum mechanics suggests the mechanistic view on a subatomic level. We have the idea in the Western world that we are subservient to a god of all creation or are we the masters of our own fate. Then again are we just apart of the whole? We cannot accept that suffering is something malleable outside of ourselves. We can handle self deprivation or even the doubt or question of reality. And maybe willingly allow these things to happen to ourselves. But, let’s bring up the argument of the Holocaust, the torture and murder of 6 million. One can imagine the suffering on a personal level as to see the ties or attachments we have to nourishment and comfort, perhaps everything we experience would question our limits of tolerance or strength. We can choose to let go o...

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The Limits of Science by skakos on November 24th, 2012, 10:12 pm

Main article:

Exact Science has been for a long time now the tool used by most humans in order to understand the physical world. The great successes of sciences like physics or astronomy in predicting things and helping the everyday life of people has established "exact" science as the ultimate tool to discover the truth. This has unfortunately led to a decline of the importance other scientific fields of human thinking have - sectors as important as philosophy, history, religion, linguistics.

Science has limits. It has a specific scope, a specific set of tools it uses and specific inherent limitations. This article discusses these limitations in depth.

We must use exact science...

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Guilt and Self-Improvement by Mossling on August 22nd, 2009, 10:14 am
Some people say 'ignorance is bliss'. It seems so; when we don't know that we are harming people, we suffer no guilt. How long does this bliss last for though? Do aspects of our character remain so dormant and hidden from view that our ignorance keeps us away from suffering? It seems not.

If we are forced to recognise our faults and weaknesses; dimensions to our character which inevitably harm ourselves and others, then we can suddenly become riddled with guilt. Our imperfections can appear to become a burden upon our society.

Should being aware of our imperfections cause us more stress than someone who is unaware of their imperfections? There appears to be an argument which says that we should feel good for recognising our short-comings, even if we feel we can not improve ourselves.

By noticing our faults there is a greater chance for us to improve even if we don't know how that will happen, and if we don't notice our faults there appears...

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nihilism and kool-aid you are not supposed to drink by Char0n on April 18th, 2014, 11:04 pm
today i mowed the front lawn... its still a little too damp out back... so that can wait... not long though... each blade is already longer than what you are legally allowed to conceal... my understanding of that is that 4 & 1/2 inches is the limit... but thats a different story for different results... what i would like to talk about now is extra dimensions of space... real or errs in maths...
the idea struck me last night actually... if you were in extra dimensional space... what effect would that have on the relativity we as people have to put up with... and what i mean to say is... if you could extricate yourself from the normally dimented universe through some magic of field mechanics... would you consider relativity in general to be between you and the universe of extra dimensions you are now apart of or would relativity in this new 'place' be between you and the relativistic set back in the normal universe
... sorry i had to go take the eggs i was dying brown out of the onion...

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