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Values and Secondary Qualities — John McDowell by Zin5ki on March 24th, 2011, 5:31 pm
Essay 7 of Mind, value, and reality.

Although McDowell brings our attention to a certain disanalogy between secondary and evaluative properties (p.143), he does not take this to prevent his analogy between the former and the latter from granting the ("intersubjective") objectivity of one to the other. Thereby he acts to refute John Mackie's principle attack on the realism of evaluative properties.

One could attempt to capitalise upon the disanalogy McDowell presents in blocking this attack, but such a disanalogy trades upon an intuition whereby the genesis of an evaluative response is merited by the response's intentional object (ibid), which is something an anti-realist is not incapable of denying and thus something she ought not to accept.

Instead, circumnavigating the obstacle he poses might involve the denial of the applicability of his "secondary"...

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bad haircut freemason incantation of the 37th order by Char0n on April 12th, 2014, 1:59 am
what does it take to dominate the world around here... i mean there are two kinds of domination... the dominant kind and the dominant kind... which just goes to show ya... that either way you look at the world... its all in the character you impose... whether your world consists of a glass of water or karmic fortune... if you want to get any elbow room you have to throw your weight around...
who has ever been sent out to cut a switch... who has ever been belted... what hand parents you... some of the worst guidance i have ever encountered was some of the best advice i could ever know... who equals who... ever see those landmarks of your routine... ever see those reoccurances that only happen once... midas touched the gold to add to its value...
how would you divine the creation of creation... and genisis before that... what is the difference between pilgrimage and homecomming... and for that matter spontaneous religious experience and regimented visitation... surely you needn't birth your...

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The quantum mechanics is wrong (1) by zhengshengming on June 2nd, 2009, 2:57 am
The quantum mechanics is wrong (the light is particle, but not wave-particle duality)
zheng sheng ming
In order to show the interference fringe of light is a result of the gravitation, which the moving photons produced. I did experiment 9. (See figure 9) Three light beams A,O, and C, are created.

Figure.9. Picture a is the state of force in the three light beams A, O, and C; picture b shows the section of movement of light beams A, O, and C; picture c is the photograph of light beams A, and C when they are first on the screen; picture d is the photograph when the outer part of light beam A is removed. In picture d, the white line is the original site of light beam A when outside light beam has not been removed; the green line is the site of light beam A when its outside fringe has been removed, and the red arrow is the direction of the light beam A accepting this force; The purple line in picture b is the moving track of light...

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Sophiatics by yumeno on March 21st, 2011, 4:37 am
Hello world! I do blog, just not here. Meheheheheheheh...
Anyone wanna take a guess how we (the bloggers) came about with the word "Sophiatic"?
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Ren and Stimpy by Mike33 on January 24th, 2010, 3:21 pm
Funny and disturbing ren and stimpy moment.

I dont know how to embed it ... moment_fun
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