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A bit of sadness creeping in by JohnD on April 30th, 2013, 1:08 am
I visit and write in these forums my views, my thoughts and my beliefs. If someone sees them worthy and adds them to their own I'm proud, I'm joyous and I'm thankful. But when I write and am ignored or have my words rephrased by someone else or worse still when my words are attributed to another no matter their qualifications then I'm saddened because then I'm nothing, I have no meaning, no value to speak of. For whatever reason it has been done it has been done to me and truly I don't understand why.
True I don't have the academic qualifications that others here have, but then I was lead to believe it wasn't necessary.
It's a bit of sadness creeping in that I feel I need to resort to this soliloquy in order to get things off my chest.
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chewing gum for kittens, by the bolts of Thor... by Char0n on August 2nd, 2014, 2:47 pm
so i have this problem... the fence or the clothesline is crooked... at least it would have to be either that or true north is always roaming the final straw that lets the marbles fall... its a cube of ice... melting... that is: that the game is all about the idea of a static component organics tabulation machine... we are a closed system of causation and we are affected so to think of our effect...
its a wash... that is: the sea... where old men watch tides... and for what have they seen the turning forth and back in froth... but so that when the sun or rather we pirouette like fancy ballerina's and not like spun gridiron... than and only then is the issue of p a real thing and even then its a bit of a con... i mean if you cannot disconnect... then your only ever winning that chi-a-byss... and by then your words are slurring...
its not about a sensation that you remember or not... its more like a rube goldburg scales for just ice... i mean if you 'play it cool' you might be ok for a...

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retardedness by zetreque on April 7th, 2016, 10:40 am
Humanity is finally showing it's true light of just how retarded it is. This morning 6am to 7am was non-stop HONKS, beeps, and dings as people around me went in and out of their cars getting ready for and leaving to work. Some day I will escape this madness and be able to sleep and relax in peace.... Some day. If only I could subject everyone to this madness they have allowed to be created in the world.
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BOOK TO BE PUBLISHED! by Percarus on April 20th, 2013, 7:50 am
Over the next several weeks I am going to fork over $700 to publish a FREEWARE book (profits by donation only) on all major eBook vendors and proceeds will go to charity, mainly: i) Make a Difference, ii) Indian Red Cross - both associations to better care and educate the impoverished from a most uncouth nation. Here is a little about my book soon to be released:

Book Blurb
Throughout the ages humanity itself has operated, and co-existed, side-by-side with their fellow kindred in a state of semi-segregation naturally induced by the very infrastructure of the society we live in and cherish. Many individuals live secret lives, some witness miracles, others partake and accomplish extraordinary personal feats, and the great leaders of this world usually tend to have an extensive understanding of the operations of the world without quite ever understanding, nor believing, in the stories of incumbents affiliated in micro-social communities of their own.

This book is indirectly a much improved...

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The Possibility of Aesthetic Realism – Phillip Pettit by Zin5ki on March 8th, 2011, 5:55 pm
(From Pleasure, Preference and Value).

The suggestion that aesthetic properties can be seen, in a realistic fashion, as both essentially perceptual and perceptually elusive is made in an innocuous fashion here. Pettit outlines the notion of positioning an artwork amongst a varying set of others to overcome the obstacle posed to the realist by these two criteria, and nips at the bud an immediate anti-realist objection to this claim by showing why such positionings are constrained in specific ways.

Our leanings towards a realist account of aesthetic properties, perhaps in my case restricted to the non-evaluative (but nonetheless distinctly aesthetic) ones, is well-served by Pettit’s overview.

Nevertheless, what is not presented is a refutation of anti-realism, as the essay’s title may suggest.

It is not beyond plausibility that the construction of both the positioning in which works can be perceived ‘within’ a refer...

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