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Read this and let me know your thoughts. by Melton_J_08 on December 22nd, 2010, 5:54 pm
this place needs something to happen thats not going to happen untill someone shows then how to stop sticking there heads in there ass. goverment, teachers, nations, faiths. all need fixing but wont untill everyone stops thinking about money, food, house, family. and start thinking globle, starting with local. when we stop looking at whats infront of us we see more. whats behind us, whats to the side of us, what below us, whats above us, and whats far away from us. in all locations, there are people, colors, life, and energy. not untill they all look around will they ever have a chance to understand what else can influance them. just because you ignore it doesnt make it go away. if you get stung while talking to someone you still get distracted enuff to stop talking and look around to where on you hurts. but you are not other things. you are always infront of yourself you must look beond you, your famliy, your objects, your life. to see others and how they need so much...
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Textual 1.0.4 IRC Client by toucana on August 17th, 2010, 1:44 pm
Apple have recently begun listing a new IRC client called Textual 1.0.4 from Codeux Software on their email/chat applications download page

At 5.4MB it is described as a "lightweight IRC client designed specifically for Mac OS X" with Growl notifications, scripting support, and 'Powerful Tools for IRC Network Operators".

When I downloaded and opened it, there was something oddly familiar about the multi-pane user interface and Lucida Grande font. A quick check of the license and release notes confirmed that Textual 1.0.4 is in fact a rewrite of Limechat, an open source IRC client originally created for OS X in Ruby Cocoa by a Japanese programmer Satoshi Nakagawa about two years ago. I had previously tested Limechat in some detail last year and was keen to see what had been added or taken...

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The Ontology of Spacetime: Back From the Non-Euclidean Leap by mikiel on January 17th, 2011, 7:22 pm
An Ontology of Space, Time, and “Spacetime” : Back From the Non-Euclidean Leap

I have been an avid student of the ontology of “spacetime” since I was first introduced to the concept of non-Euclidean space and the Einstein/Minkowski invention of “curved spacetime” as an integral concept in relativity theory.

Since I was very young I have “seen” space as the infinite emptiness in which all things (objects, light, and forces) exist and move; and I have always thought of time as an artifact of measurement, i.e., the “duration” of specifically selected events between “clicks” of the stopwatch by whomever is ‘clocking” the chosen event. So I have been mystified by the concept “spacetime” as a malleable fabric, a coalescence of space and time as entities existing in and of themselves in “the real world.” (See Minkowki’s Glorious Non-entity, Spacetime, by Brown and Pooley for openers.)

When I say that I see space as infinite emptiness, this is not to deny finite volumes. Of course we can...

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ergot poisoning and witchcraft substitution method irony by Char0n on April 23rd, 2014, 3:20 pm
“Anyway,+ I+ keep +picturing +all +these +little+ kids+ playing+ some+ game+ in+ this+ big +field+ of+ rye+ and+ all.+ Thousands +of+ little +kids,+ and+ nobody's+ around + nobody+ big,+ I +mean + except+ me.+ And+ I'm +standing+ on +the +edge +of +some+ crazy+ cliff.+ What+ I +have+ to+ do,+ I+ have+ to+ catch+ everybody+ if +they+ start+ to+ go+ over+ the+ cliff + I +mean+ if+ they're+ running+ and+ they+ don't+ look+ where+ they're +going+ I+ have+ to+ come +out+ from+ somewhere+ and+ catch +them.+ That's+ all+ I+ do+ all+ day.+ I'd +just+ be +the+ catcher+ in +the+ rye+ and+ all.+ I +know +it's+ crazy,+ but+ that's+ the+ only+ thing+ I'd+ really+ like+ to+ be...

*j.d. salinger
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