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A drink & liquid that has no water. by Anonymous on July 16th, 2012, 9:54 pm
During the years of 2004/05 I studied a lot of chemistry based units. There was one class in particular that shed an enlightening concept of which I have not quite forgotten yet despite losing my varied chemistry books since then. The lecturer, a reputed individual, showed a demonstration in which a non-water liquid was placed in a jar/container and into this container a block of wood was placed. Within no time the cellulose (what wood is comprised) was quite simply completely dissolved without losing its molecular structure. That is, the lecturer just showed that turning wood into a liquid was possible! Apparently there are many industrial applications to this, and there is a long list of established different solvents (non-water based) that will dissolve an array of different non-water molecular structures. Ahem, now, this was a long time ago so I cannot remember the names of the solvents without my notes with ease. I believe that one of them was ‘toluene-ethylene-glycol’, and...

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Quantum Gravity final instalment by Anonymous on December 17th, 2012, 4:57 pm
Setting aside the philosophical implications of this quantum gravity model, which I explore extensively in my philosophy of the bloody obvious, there are some consequences for physics which may make this important science once again accessible to the man of common sense.
We are easily able to draw many conclusions from this model which eradicate the inherent paradoxes of general relativity, but my life’s goal has been to hurl quantum mechanics into the conceptual dustbin where it belongs. It has been the most confusing mathematical fiddle in the history of science and a monstrous affront to fundamental reason. Every event has a cause. There are no exceptions. Only existence itself can be self-causal.

It is no easy matter to regard ourselves as hurtling through time at the speed of light like a cosmic missile but if we manage to conceptualise this we see the universe quite differently.
Naturally time warps, wormholes, singularities, causal loops and all the other impossibilities vanish f...

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Arguing with ghosts by Sisyphus on October 22nd, 2009, 8:59 pm
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Quantum Gravity Part 3 by Anonymous on December 16th, 2012, 2:32 am
All of the physical structures and forces of the universe result from causal events and this model offers a mechanism for this causality. This mechanism is a necessary phenomenon which allows events in the universe to proceed in an orderly fashion, which is the world of our experience. The laws of physics have thus been programmed into our cosmos by the collapse of the previous cycle. We regard these laws as the software being run on the cosmic computer and this statement is to be taken literally. Without such laws our universe would be incomprehensible, in plain contradiction of the evidence. Since the universe is executing a programme we conclude that the universe mandates its own comprehensibility.

It does this via the mechanism of evolution towards complexity. If we regard the big bang and the inflationary expansion as one and the same thing, this event took place outside the time dimension because the time metronome, our graviton, had run out of puff and the universe could not expand...

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Cosmic Engineering (Introduction) by BurtJordaan on October 9th, 2012, 10:53 am
As an engineer, I view my universe like I view a machine. But, like a microbe sitting inside some ball bearing deep within, without good blueprints, I have to try and figure out how this grand scale thing works. I have to essentially reverse engineer it from the inside, using the scraps of documentation left by other engineer-microbes (EMs) and some astronomer-microbes (AMs). In this Blog I will try to trace the steps that I have so far taken along the timeline of this infinite project.

OK, so I'm an EM sitting on this ball. Around me I see more balls and it seems that the balls are arranged to form something like a ball bearing. AMs call this ball bearing-thing the Solar System. I reckon it is a basic component of some or other sub-assembly (that's what EMs call such things). Looking around further, I spot what looks like the sub-assembly; AMs tell me it is the Milky Way, or just The Galaxy. There are many other such sub-assemblies that seem to be integrated into an assembly, which AMs...

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