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its all fun and games unt*l somebody loses an eye... by Anonymous on March 31st, 2014, 7:14 pm
it used to be that at times like these i had to be in the future... looking at the dust in the golden light at the end of the day... kind of a hindsight applied as thick as a van gogh or some expressionist querry of how much paint can you cake on the canvas... but any more i just have to have the solitude to scan the rest of the place and see it for what it appears to be...
navy gunmetal blue some floating hunk of high tech cork... im not a strong enough swimmer to stare down drowning in some frigid deep ocean... where am i going with this... beats me with a sock full of soap and then pitches me off the starboard rail... but it isn't about the future its about now... now... and i'm not gonna pledge my future away for anything less...
good buy march... take your ides and about face... hut 2... 3... 4... left... 2... 3... 4... left...2...3... 4... and so on... you are band leader and spring is falling into line... i will at some point in the not so distant future look back on having written...

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Quantum Gravity Part 2 by Anonymous on December 15th, 2012, 12:54 am
An expanding universe must expand in four dimensions, not three, because there can be no external frame of reference for time. This throws up some rather bewildering observer effects. The universe is expanding through its own temporal frame of reference. It is making its own time. This is the dimension in which entropy drives the expanding universe so we regard the universe as existing only at this temporal boundary. If we return to our balloon analogy then the skin of the balloon represents the time dimension and this is where the universe actually is. The three-dimensional space which the skin of the balloon encloses is the universe that we perceive. Therefore space is made by expanding time and has no independent existence. Although the universe is a finite entity it can have no spatial boundary, since it is everything that exists. However it must have a temporal boundary or reality could not proceed in an orderly fashion. The temporal boundary of the universe is the present quantum...

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chewing gum for kittens, by the bolts of Thor... by Anonymous on August 2nd, 2014, 2:47 pm
so i have this problem... the fence or the clothesline is crooked... at least it would have to be either that or true north is always roaming the final straw that lets the marbles fall... its a cube of ice... melting... that is: that the game is all about the idea of a static component organics tabulation machine... we are a closed system of causation and we are affected so to think of our effect...
its a wash... that is: the sea... where old men watch tides... and for what have they seen the turning forth and back in froth... but so that when the sun or rather we pirouette like fancy ballerina's and not like spun gridiron... than and only then is the issue of p a real thing and even then its a bit of a con... i mean if you cannot disconnect... then your only ever winning that chi-a-byss... and by then your words are slurring...
its not about a sensation that you remember or not... its more like a rube goldburg scales for just ice... i mean if you 'play it cool' you might be ok for a...

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Notes on Category Theory and Quantum Mechanics by Anonymous on April 10th, 2011, 9:23 am
So I was recently curious about Quantum Logic, and I discovered that it basically takes "Propositions" to be self adjoint operators, like so:

Immediately, I thought: "Just like self-adjoint endofunctor!"

Being not a physicist, but having basic graduate category theory behind me, I thought maybe that the categorical perspective would be a way to crack the subject for me. So I immediately found this little article by John Baez.

There's also this really old paper from the 1970s by Holdsworth. I haven't read it - don't want to bother with remote accessing my university account to retrieve it: ...

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Read this, Im curious of what you think. by Anonymous on December 22nd, 2010, 5:48 pm
the relationship of selfknologe. its something that we (as life [all of life plants, animals, beings, ect...]) think about daily. and when i say "think", its not a prosess of information that runs through your head... its a prosses of BEING, in which only just the simple prosess of BEING, can prove that thought of ones self, is apparent. nothing can be with out knowing what to do next. even if the prosses to "do" is living and each second, nanosecond and just NOT dieing. because BEING just in itself is something only that which is in to further its own prosses of "thinking" may continue. that which "gives up" dies. and that which does not die? well thats just a corpse above ground. something that doesnt know about its self is something of an enigma. an oddity that is and yet... its is inexplanable. because an oddity can not exist without first finding everything else and turning that inword. but first something that is gained must be lost and something...

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