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The Ten Commandments by Sisyphus on January 14th, 2010, 11:08 pm
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Knives vs Cops vs Keyboard Cat by Sisyphus on February 2nd, 2010, 11:59 am
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requests for digital pomme de boom... by Char0n on June 6th, 2014, 11:36 pm
a little bird told me... once, all of the things to do and not to do... and i heard that other little things like crickets do that too... i mean i know that the spiders are all evil... and the light... there is something about the light... it draws you in or something... we are all teathered to the locker as it groans into the abyss... slashing and stabbing at the ropes with the blades we keep between our teeth for one thing or another...
word up... i mean i know i have heard about the three foot chopsticks and the purgator of wait for the punchline of that one time you waited forever... its only that we have an imparitive to keep on keepin on... and if all of those little things are meaningful, and all of the meaning is meaningful to an extent of geometric synchronicity... ... ... ...
and henceforth at some point of proximity to the mind... the extent of the reprocussion of your mind blowing and the inward flow of things that spark your powder keg a noggin... there is a fusion... and...

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philosophical and oeneric lyrics by etherealpillow on May 17th, 2009, 7:03 pm
"fantasy will set you free!"
(steppen wolf)

"we've got to get ourselves banck to the garden!"
- the song woodstock(crosby, stills, nash, and young play a version)

"I'm beginning to see the light!"
(velvet underground)

"the light from the sun is your mother!"
anthony green of Circa Survive

"Everything about you is how I wanna be
Your freedom comes naturally
Everything about you resonates happiness "

"Good Mornin' Star shine
The earth says "hello"
You twinkle above us
We twinkle below. "
(strawberry alarm clock)

muse upon these inspiring lyrics please
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a decade from skid row and mice under glass by Char0n on September 1st, 2014, 8:24 am
one of the things you're liable to learn from spending time in the mission district... is that people from all walks of life end up there... whether its a guy with a blood clot in his leg or a guy who's wife left him... or some kid who grew up not far from there... or a guy with a tattoo on his face, right in the middle of his forehead of a cross that he will claim to be a crucifix, even though a crucifix is a cross with a guy on it...
the point is that you can shave your head and wear a blue bandana and jeans with the knees ripped out of them and you can hang yourself from the walls of the courtyard like a wreath or a poster or a sconce... but unless you give the impression that you are bat-isht crazy and not worth the trouble than the other people who call those low places home will bug the hell out of you... like your a piece of cheese and them, a rat-kink...
all that is years ago and not worth the trouble to try and record for posterity because its all different now... instead of the...

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