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BOOK TO BE PUBLISHED! by Anonymous on April 20th, 2013, 7:50 am
Over the next several weeks I am going to fork over $700 to publish a FREEWARE book (profits by donation only) on all major eBook vendors and proceeds will go to charity, mainly: i) Make a Difference, ii) Indian Red Cross - both associations to better care and educate the impoverished from a most uncouth nation. Here is a little about my book soon to be released:

Book Blurb
Throughout the ages humanity itself has operated, and co-existed, side-by-side with their fellow kindred in a state of semi-segregation naturally induced by the very infrastructure of the society we live in and cherish. Many individuals live secret lives, some witness miracles, others partake and accomplish extraordinary personal feats, and the great leaders of this world usually tend to have an extensive understanding of the operations of the world without quite ever understanding, nor believing, in the stories of incumbents affiliated in micro-social communities of their own.

This book is indirectly a much improved...

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Galileo by Anonymous on June 17th, 2016, 6:53 am
HI I would like to say hello to everyone I am a new learner
and just a little hungry for more understanding on how are planet works.
my question for you today is why did 16th century famous scientist, like Galileo,newton ect
come up with the no god theory and what ideas that it was, that lead them to believe this .
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mouth emerging from the primordial ooze of sleep... by Anonymous on June 19th, 2014, 6:53 am
ultimately you are the variable of an identity of meaning... the nexus of the intake and the crux of the output... its really not about the 'illusion of choice' its more about smiling for the love of your life despite wanting to escape and break both of your hearts in some sardonic and elaborate plot to self destruct in such fashion that they, them, the root of your paranoia, change because of...
cats typically aren't big enough to keep you warm at night unless its a lion or tiger or panther or cougar or unless its a warm night... then you can sleep with the sheet all akimbo to your grains... the way a vestment drapes across a cross at holy ghost tent revivals and in small chambers off to one corner of a church during holy days in the calender of tradition...
you can dream and be unaware that you are dreaming... and even though the hodgepodge and anarchay of them is unbelievable, if you don't remember them as the work of an unconscious mind, they will eat up meaning in your life... in short...

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The Emotional Experience by Anonymous on December 12th, 2013, 11:11 pm
A Core Component of Emotional Experience: A Conditioned Response of the Affect Component in Sensory Feeling

Based on the assumption that emotion is acquired, this article examines and analyzes the mental contents and neural basis of emotional experience and sensory feeling(e.g. pain, hunger,taste,smell and so on ) by referencing the existing theoretical viewpoints and experimental results. It is argued that emotional experience and sensory feeling are all the compound feelings that consist of cognitive representation(referring to all kinds of discriminative sensations and all kinds of mental representations based on them)and affect representation (only two conscious qualities, pleasure and displeasure that respectively carry the mental states of likes and dislikes,), and the affect representation is the core components of emotional experience. And then it is assumed that the core component of emotional experience,at the level of neural activity,originates from the cond...

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Temp file by BurtJordaan on May 5th, 2017, 3:49 am
OK, back to Alice's mission. Her plan has changed a little and she will now first stop in the region of Alpha-C (AC) for some observations. It is way too late to achieve the rocket braking at the original very low (0.075g) acceleration, so Alice asked her INS computer to get them into a 'parking' orbit at a more comfortable 1g retro-burn. Her INS and my trusted spreadsheet 'know' that at -1g, it will take 0.69 years to get the coasting ship to zero velocity relative to Bob, and that it must start to brake 0.2 lyrs (on their rotated map) short of the parking position. At just over 11 years into her mission, Alice comes to rest in Bob's spacetime structure again.

During the 0.69 years of deceleration, Alice's tilted structure has gradually rotated back to align with Bob's structure once again. While their structures were at an angle to each other, space and time were different for them. Here is a summary of the space and time accounting columns:

Stage/event _______ T_Bob yr __ D_Bob lyr...

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