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Who am I? by JohnD on August 1st, 2012, 11:04 pm
I am considered to be a part of my parents but I've moved on from there.
My mentors assume they have shaped who I am however I've formed my own opinions.
The books I have read have enlightened me no end but I'm a self-made man.
The world has moved on since I was young, so many things have happened that have rearranged the way I look at everything. Some of the information I took on from my days of learning no longer appears relevant.
In my younger days I was quick to judge and couldn't stand fools for very long. Now I look for friendship wherever I go.
Yet I have a clearer view of the world and the way things ought to be. I can now afford to look at events and give advise according to my experience. And young people no longer look at me as the fool at the pulpit rather a man of wisdom. No doubt it may be a fools wisdom fuelled by a biased point of view.
Without thinking or desiring I have become an elder in my congregation!
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Why is relativity so hard to learn?[10X] by BurtJordaan on May 5th, 2017, 12:13 am
This is a "whiteboard dump" for a post following on part [9] of a Philosophy of Science thread with the above name. I have thought to move things deemed too technical here for reference (As sort of Appendices).

BurtJordaan ยป 04 May 2017, 11:44 wrote:That said, in the next piece we will make Alice turn around en head home, and provided that her long-playing rocket has enough fuel left, make it little swifter.

As Mitchell has indicated above, there is a slight possibility that a future super-dooper technology could perhaps bring Alice back home with the amount of fuel that she has left. As we also discussed, if you have the technology, a higher acceleration would be better, so let us look at a one earth gravity (1g) setting ...

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famous quote by zetreque on January 26th, 2018, 1:48 pm
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

Well I just came up with a much needed addendum add-on to that famous quote.

Teach a man to fish and he will turn it into a for profit business eliminating your own food supply.
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kung fu jedi adventures to the farthest star by Char0n on July 17th, 2014, 8:30 am
sure the observable universe is a suggestion of relativity... or some such logic of can't... well then shuks... lets all go i some i i i iiii iiiiiiiiiiiiii and exetera... because as soon as you let i be a word your on the clock... i suppose like depreciation for auto mobiles... where as soon as you drive it off the lot it downs some nestea and lets it happen...
ah the ole karma bums who take the opportunity while alive to wager thier being on the spin of the wheel of fortune... like the price is right or some parish festival booth game of chance or skill in the arts of gazing into crystal balls or tarro stripper deck's... learn yourself some palmistry... then i can drop a hot lazer pointer on you with the instruction to unsteal it...
initiating deep time capsule... see yall in some time... it won't be long i swear... and then i won't be here... and then here wont be here and then we'll have to start all over with our count of where we are or were or was or would be in that time which hasn't...

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QUESTAR by questar on June 12th, 2011, 5:16 pm
Since I was very young I've taken an interest in philosophy and its encompassing nature. Only recently have I taken it seriously- though it's of no serious concern of mine to be a documented philosopher as documentation has nothing what so ever to do with philosophy. I've come here to express 20+ years of thought on the matter, to expose my own hypocrisies and to develop a consistent school of thought. Draw whatever conclusions you wish from these statements. That said, the first step of my quest to apply my own conclusions to that of the esteemed philosophers began June, 2011 and I predict will continue until 2012. My curriculum is mostly in the way of ancient Greek philosophy and basic logic.
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