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Kant, Quasi-Realism, and the Autonomy of Aesthetic Judgement by Anonymous on April 10th, 2011, 11:26 am
By Robert Hopkins, from European Journal of Philosophy 9:2, 2001, pp.166-189.

It seems that antirealists are keen to espouse their own means of explaining why, when faced with aesthetic disagreement, it is of merit to hold one of the two aesthetic ascriptions to be somehow defective, somehow in violation of a norm. Of course, this must be so without wholly aesthetic states of affairs being appealed to.

Hopkins considers a Kantian maxim, an understanding of which I cannot proclaim, in order to establish such a norm. Whilst no obstacle is presented by suggesting that aesthetic judgements are non-cognitive expressions of pleasure, which although unpopular is certainly an understandable doctrine, Hopkins employs the rule that the harmony between what Kant calls the understanding and what he calls the faculty of imagination is a necessary condition for making an aesthetic judgement (p.170)....

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read like you mean it... read like you wrote it... by Anonymous on August 13th, 2014, 2:37 am
there are sweaty toothed madmen and blankets too short to cover your feet... but they will cover your face and make your breath all hot and bothersome... not that it helps anything to get all bothered by hot air... especially when you have the cool side of the pillow under you... i mean a guy can apologize for being a bit of a boar till the cows come home... it doesn't make the swine of him appear any more the pearl...
all mixed meta-nuts aside... and just like that as mysteriously as he had arrived... he was gone... i mean all this is passed through the first person to get to the second person who had originally passed it through the first person... and so on and so forth... and recanted and recited and renounced and rediculous and reiterated and repeated and reanimated and reconstituted and its still soylent green...
and when they want a thing they see no other way than to pursue it... as if denial of the self somehow makes for an appropriate...

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I was wondering if anyone would mind... by Anonymous on March 2nd, 2014, 3:32 am
I have been very interested in theoretical sciences for some time, anything at all that anyone has heard of and would care to explain I would be more than happy to read, however long the response takes, and ask questions and such. Such as the new(I'm not sure how new it is, I heard about it recently though) breakthroughs in sciences such as teleportation I heard had been achieved through quantum entanglement, any studies in quantum entanglement. And one of my biggest intrigues, quantum computers. Anything at all, as long as you have substantiated proof, I don't want to be misinformed.
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Interference, double slit and Newton Rings by Odal on October 18th, 2017, 10:39 am
The question of interference patters is central to light theory. I would like to share some pictures that show the same patterns in very unusual situations.
The first picture has been taken with the open body of a digital camera, and a laser beam a pen) shining into the body. As you can see, the same patterns appear that are usually associated with constructive and destructive interference see in the double slit experiment, or in the use of two thin plates showing so-called Newton rings.

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Right Heart by Anonymous on February 23rd, 2011, 7:08 am
The goal isn't to follow the law, but to act well.
The Key is not to stop sinning, but to not want to sin.
If your desire is sick and your want is perverse, but your actions good, you are still lost.
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