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Interference, double slit and Newton Rings by Odal on October 18th, 2017, 10:39 am
The question of interference patters is central to light theory. I would like to share some pictures that show the same patterns in very unusual situations.
The first picture has been taken with the open body of a digital camera, and a laser beam a pen) shining into the body. As you can see, the same patterns appear that are usually associated with constructive and destructive interference see in the double slit experiment, or in the use of two thin plates showing so-called Newton rings.

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disappointment in humanity is the prerequisite for being human by Anonymous on August 11th, 2014, 4:26 am
there are moments under the outstretched and bloody reach of the moon where if you don’t scream out the y… you won’t capacitate the flux required to illustrate your agony over your circumstance… be it trivial guilt ridden anguish or massive doses of experimental substance coursing through your brain chemistry… then again, who is to say that the blood on the hand of the moon is its…
I mean seriously… you fools set up your excuses before you set out to earn them and that’s the gimmick… the catch in the hook of your cause… you want the monstrosity of construct… because it affords you the responsibility to maintain its massive hunger for innocence and child bones… I mean you people really are a disappointing lot… and that don’t speak enough volume for you to hear it…
What else what else… oh, how bout we just all run out into the streets naked with our hair on fire… pull a pryor… go mad with comic genius and make it fun for a change… after all I already know the republicans are evil, and th...

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BOOK TO BE PUBLISHED! by Anonymous on April 20th, 2013, 7:50 am
Over the next several weeks I am going to fork over $700 to publish a FREEWARE book (profits by donation only) on all major eBook vendors and proceeds will go to charity, mainly: i) Make a Difference, ii) Indian Red Cross - both associations to better care and educate the impoverished from a most uncouth nation. Here is a little about my book soon to be released:

Book Blurb
Throughout the ages humanity itself has operated, and co-existed, side-by-side with their fellow kindred in a state of semi-segregation naturally induced by the very infrastructure of the society we live in and cherish. Many individuals live secret lives, some witness miracles, others partake and accomplish extraordinary personal feats, and the great leaders of this world usually tend to have an extensive understanding of the operations of the world without quite ever understanding, nor believing, in the stories of incumbents affiliated in micro-social communities of their own.

This book is indirectly a much improved...

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Cosmic Engineering (Relativity "Controversy" 2) by BurtJordaan on November 9th, 2012, 6:55 am
In my prior Post, I have discussed the present scientific view on the relativity of simultaneity and more specifically the misstatement: “the actual one-way speed of light (in vacuum) equals the constant ‘c’ in every inertial frame of reference”. I have shown that Einstein chose it as a very convenient convention and that it is in fact the best convention to choose – it makes the physics “as simple as possible, but not simpler”. In this delivery of Cosmic Engineering, I want to discuss an equally common misstatement about the actual tick rates of clocks in relative inertial motion.

Relativity 'controversy' 2The actual tick rates of clocks in relative inertial motion in free space are necessarily different”. The correct interpretation of the facts is that for clocks moving inertially in free space, it is impossible to determine any tick rate difference, because they can only meet once. In order to compare tick rates, one of the two cl...

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Note 2 by Anonymous on January 19th, 2012, 9:55 am
I have witnessed enough signs of confusion from the last couple of letters that I think it prudent that I add a note and try to clarify things before moving on. I do this because I feel that it is vital to have a firm understanding of what we have covered before doing so. Thus, let me summarize one more time and try to be a bit more clear as we consider, “What is Matter made of?” first, under the assumption that there is no God and thereafter under the assumption that there is.

If there is no God and the Universe evolved as Science believes, then it makes all of the sense in the world to investigate, explore, research and experiment in effort to figure things out. Under this scenario, the data gathered is useful and applicable to all questions, no matter what they might be. However, if there is a God that created all things, then the data we gather is only useful and applicable to questions about how our world and universe work, not about how they came into existence. This is because if ...

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