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geosynchronicity 3 feet off of the ground... by Anonymous on April 28th, 2014, 4:35 am
astrologically speaking of course the dynamic of the dichotomy between conflict and unity is among the most interesting... not merely for the duplicitous recomendations of our spiritual leaders regarding the thing itself... but for the appearent error in logic which essentially confounds them of lesser capacity and the issue surrounding both of the afore mentioned aspects...
conflict and unity... conflict simplified to state divide, or division... in no uncertain terms is the sole denominator of all things with symmetrical or less than total compass within the abyssal void... and unity the great and powerful oz of all things great and powerful in concordance with being of being be it existential or coincidental... in effect the one and only numerator of this inequality...
and this is where things get interesting for the observer... if you side with division you are to aim to divide and conquer and if you side with unity yours is the surrender to the wholeness of a supulcher and to which...

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Letter 4 by Anonymous on January 19th, 2012, 9:53 am
In the last letter I presented that Matter is actually not made of anything solid or tangible but rather is comprised of something that only manifests itself to us as being so. Thus, whatever the heck it is that ‘Matter’ is - it is some very interesting stuff and the more we find out about it… the stranger it gets. Let’s dive a little further into what is known.

Science has discovered that on the atomic scale, the smallest entities (Photons, Electrons, etc), exhibit a strange characteristic in that they can behave as both a wave and a particle. This means that sometimes they act like marbles traveling through open space and sometimes they act like a wave traveling across the surface of water. This principle is known as Duality and is fairly deep so I encourage the reader to do a bit of research on it. The efforts that science has made to figure this puzzling characteristic out have yielded information that is fascinating and it is that information that I would like to focus on in this...

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Religion and Science Unification by skakos on November 24th, 2012, 10:10 pm

Main article:

Science and Religion are treated by some as contradictory ways of thinking. This is not true. Without claiming that I hold the key to the “ultimate truth”, I will analyze the philosophy underying both sectors and show that these two ways of thinking are not in conflict, but actually two sides of the same coin. You can never know life fully, unless you see the cosmos in both perspectives.

The existence of God can be proved by both the tools of logic and faith. Religious people are some of the greatest scientists of all times. Science and religion do not always rely on logic and faith respectively. In an era when the new advances of science surprise us every day, religion stays powerful and...

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Science Cheerleaders Perform at the USA Science and Engineering by Sisyphus on November 23rd, 2010, 8:12 pm
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6! and the empty set of the 13th dimension by Anonymous on July 31st, 2014, 6:03 pm
if you do have a polygon which does not incorporate a curve than it is within the 12 constant and stable dimensions... and it doesn't matter how many sides or edges or points it contains... the math is simple... its just that if you were in the 12th dimension and you could approach the 13th it would only be that you are approaching a 'stoppage' of 'time and space' by way of entering the empty set...
not that i know better than steven hawking but the mantle of a cockatrice is to feast the eyes and pallet but moreso the imagination... i mean its not until you reach the realization that the set of irrational constants is a finite range albeit one of infinite values... anywho... the real idea is that the 12th dimesnion fluxuates b/n infinite value and finite value despite being where shuma-gorath sends his enemies when he is done toying with them...
i mean all the dimensions > the 13th are exotic and thereby extra bonus and superfluous then again their only can be so many of them... even...

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