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Textual 1.0.4 IRC Client by toucana on August 17th, 2010, 1:44 pm
Apple have recently begun listing a new IRC client called Textual 1.0.4 from Codeux Software on their email/chat applications download page

At 5.4MB it is described as a "lightweight IRC client designed specifically for Mac OS X" with Growl notifications, scripting support, and 'Powerful Tools for IRC Network Operators".

When I downloaded and opened it, there was something oddly familiar about the multi-pane user interface and Lucida Grande font. A quick check of the license and release notes confirmed that Textual 1.0.4 is in fact a rewrite of Limechat, an open source IRC client originally created for OS X in Ruby Cocoa by a Japanese programmer Satoshi Nakagawa about two years ago. I had previously tested Limechat in some detail last year and was keen to see what had been added or taken...

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Progress on Cell: Phase 1: Membrane by caters on November 12th, 2013, 6:41 pm
I am now researching different types of glycoproteins that occur in every tissue including stem cells. I have found out that membrane comes before nucleus.
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Oracle: The Best Short Film Ever by Anonymous on September 14th, 2009, 9:19 pm
Parent: This is pretty much written verbatim from Chia's fanciful dictation of her thoughts about the movie. She would love it if people commented because she is interested to know the thoughts of others about this film. I recommend you watch it first at the film's website ( before reading this spoiler-laden report. It's 8 minutes long and in French but there is a download available with English subtitles. I took down her thoughts because she had a lot of them about the film and became very frustrated trying to write it down herself. I have not altered her thoughts in any way or injected anything of my own, aside from perhaps helping her to rephrase a few things. All the words used are ones she already knows or learned from the film and we discussed the definitions so that she would understand what's being said. She's seen it a number of times and expressed interest in writing a report about it here, and so has had a while for her...

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Letter 4 by Anonymous on January 19th, 2012, 9:53 am
In the last letter I presented that Matter is actually not made of anything solid or tangible but rather is comprised of something that only manifests itself to us as being so. Thus, whatever the heck it is that ‘Matter’ is - it is some very interesting stuff and the more we find out about it… the stranger it gets. Let’s dive a little further into what is known.

Science has discovered that on the atomic scale, the smallest entities (Photons, Electrons, etc), exhibit a strange characteristic in that they can behave as both a wave and a particle. This means that sometimes they act like marbles traveling through open space and sometimes they act like a wave traveling across the surface of water. This principle is known as Duality and is fairly deep so I encourage the reader to do a bit of research on it. The efforts that science has made to figure this puzzling characteristic out have yielded information that is fascinating and it is that information that I would like to focus on in this...

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ivory IS TEETH! by Anonymous on March 19th, 2014, 10:00 pm
you can interperet your dreams in any number of ways... parallel universe, prophetic calling, impressions and iconography of the individual immersed in a world full of other dreamers... and maybe that's the big idea already... fluid... money, money, money; buys food for me... -brownstar... that is to say that you don't hang ten, crowdsurfing... you float... like foam...
Truth or Consequences... sounds like a fun place to visit... kinda a snore to stay at... then again it probably is a total hole... but then again, again, that could be why it sounds like a Gameshow... lets go with Game Theory for 2000 alex... and heres the clue... in a game of tag the 'it' is this... what is both losing and the protagonist... would that mean that a game of tag is perpetual tragedy?...

* tag... you are it...
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