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Our Existence, A Vivid Dream Masquerading As Physical Reality? by Anonymous on December 23rd, 2016, 9:18 pm
Up until now, the Inflation Theory has been the most acceptable explanation for the existence of our universe. However, recently there appears to be some meaningful negative comments associated with this theory. Physicist Paul Steinhardt, one of the three main investigators of the theory claims that the Fine Tune Environment has come at such a high price, that it now lies beyond the natural simplicity that nature employs within its building blocks.
Physicists Lawrence Krauss, and Adam Riess join Neil Turok in rejecting inflation theory, and in its place, look for answers which comply with the nature’s simplicity. It seemed a bit extreme to select our universe, from a supposed infinity of multiverses, to be the one and only candidate that meets this Fine Tuned requirement. Also, the notion that the inflation period lasted approximately 10-33 seconds, expanding at a rate millions of times faster than the speed of light, lies beyond what many consider as rational. To claim that this h...

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Modern Music and Society by rko619 on December 12th, 2009, 8:47 am
What has happened to Music?
Its terrible.
I'm a teen and even I can see that something has gone awfully wrong. Firstly, its all depressing, no wonder suicides are up, I bet you that the only reason the banker's lost our money is because they were paying to have this sort of music stopped. Secondly None of them are original, they are all re-make's of old classics. Thirdly there isn't really any tune to modern day song's, you used to be able to get them stuck in your head for day's, but not any more.

I'd now like to raise a second point, Moral in Society is dropping faster and faster everyday, and I don't think that the recession alone is to blame, where ever we go, we hear this modern day music crap, and within minutes are suffering from manic depression! When will these Music artist's learn that in a time of Major depression, the last thing we want is more depression.

I agree that some modern music is ok and not too depressing, but, it seems that shop's and radio stations only play the...

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Big Bang by Anonymous on August 12th, 2011, 5:29 pm
Theres the theory that the big bang was the beginning of everything(time space matter)My question is what was there moments before the big bang?Did anthing exist?Is there such thing as nothing?Or must nothing be thought of as only a concept? My last question is How could nothing become something?These question are with a understanding of a single universe.
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CAPILLARY by Anonymous on November 3rd, 2013, 5:17 am
i'm doing research, the purpose of it to replace water from low to higher place without Work from outside . everyone's know if we used capillary we can do it. And i have a problem, i try to many kinds of capillary tube/fiber the result is water can upside but the water can't drip away. what i have to do? anyone can help my problem?
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A Question of the Real Utility in Semantics by Anonymous on June 17th, 2011, 12:28 am
I have read a few discussions on this website, and I've read a few articles written by "scholarly" philosophers, and perhaps my density of understanding prevents me from grasping the importance of semantics. However, if my perceptions are true, people in general spend far too much time defending the words that they use rather than the idea that they mean to convey. If I have an idea which is clear to me and isn't simply a whim of the imagination, it is very easy for me to find new words to describe it when someone misinterprets me. One word can have a variety of meanings and connotations, and while these connotations should be defined in part by the speaker/writer, the listener/reader should try to understand my meaning as well if she intends to listen/read at all. Does a constant defining of terms really clear up the meaning? If one can only understand something from one's own point of view, and cannot for a minute really hear someone else, really try on their point of view,...

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