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Deforestation by Anonymous on April 22nd, 2014, 10:49 am
Deforestation has a big effect on global warming. Since trees absorb greenhouse gases and carbon emissions, deforestation is considered to be a big contributing factor to global climate changes. Trees not only produce oxygen, but they keep greenhouse gasses from entering the atmosphere. When an area is deforested, trees also become a carbon source when they are burned and cut. Once these trees are removed and the carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere, the carbon dioxide acts as a barrio for heat that would normally be released into space. Because of this, temperature across the world rise and it can change rainfall patterns, ice cover, and sea levels.
One thing I found to be interesting about deforestation was the effects it has on animals and plants. With rainforest covering about 7 percent of the world’s surface, about half of all plant and animal species on earth are found there. Rainforest, being the biggest victim of deforestation, are not being preserved like they should be. Species a...

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Wandering thoughts by Hendrick Laursen on September 16th, 2014, 3:46 pm
Wandering thoughts

Forget about yesterday, as gone is always gone.
Forget about tomorrow, as today has to run.
Remember goodness your friends have done
But forget the badness that enemies are on.
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voodoo chicken and the nursing burd's method... by Anonymous on August 20th, 2014, 10:09 pm
you know it already and i haven't even written it... haven't even spoken it... haven't even entirely thunk it... but that don't stop a thing like you... from breaking windows with your tee shot... or hacking at cat tails for the red-winged black birds that nest where they can pluck little bugs from the fluff inside the large dookie looking buds on the reed...
i mean it doesn't take a genius to figure that all this is just you regurgitating yourself up for yourself as a little midnight snack before 10pm so as not to tern all gremlin... but then some gizmos DON'T appreciate the value of NOT turning into those evil sabatuers, is that even how you spell sabatuers? or is it sabateurs or maybe its sabatures... anyway there is one outside the plane on the wing ripping wires and cogs out of the jet engine...
never fear the looney toonie is hear and she is one of those waving in the streets mad cats who never got declawed but also isn't afraid to dart out into traffic and proove the old wives tale...

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Victim or Victor? by weakmagneto on July 10th, 2013, 10:25 pm
Sometimes in life, people will do the most awful things to you. They will outright lie about you, take advantage of you, use your weaknesses as an opportunity to advance themselves or their ego, try to destroy you through gossip, blame, shame or violence. What’s a person to do? Should we seek revenge on them? Should we expose them for who they really are? Should we set the record straight? OR Should we be the better person and let go of their attempt to gain power over you. Let it go. These types of people are a lesson in your story. They give you experience. Feel sorry for them, they must try and hurt others in order to feel good about themselves. OR Simply, they do not have feelings and do not know the difference between wrong and right. The challenge is being the better person. Letting go of one’s ego is difficult to be sure, but can be done if we make it a choice. It is still difficult to let go of the feelings of revenge, but it is a disservice to yourself to let tho...

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Anti-sperm antibodies in male and female by Anonymous on April 27th, 2014, 1:12 pm
Anti-sperm is what reduces male sperm fertility. The larger the concentration of antibodies, the less likely a pregnancy will occur. Sperm antibodies are formed in response to antigens. These antigens are proteins, which appear in the outer sperm membrane as the young sperm cells develop in within male testes. In a male’s body these sperms are called foreign invading proteins which, is most likely to be attacked. The male sperm and blood is not to come into contact with one another. There is a barrier that keeps these two from coming in contact. This barrier is a cellular structure in the testes. This is formed by “so-called Sertoli cells”. This brings them closely against each other, forming tight junctions that separate the developing sperm cells from the blood and prevent immunologic stimulation. This is barrier can be broken by physical and/or chemical injury or by infection. When this does happen the sperm and blood can be in contact and launch a immunologic attack.
Whether this is in...

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