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DPhil week 4 by Nick on November 8th, 2009, 7:41 pm
So, a few weeks have passed since I started my DPhil. At the moment we are spending most of our time on lecture courses and problem sets. On top of this I am trying to find a little time for my service work project. Basically anyone working on the LHC experiments (or at least the big couple) has to devote some proportion of their time to doing stuff that is useful for the experiment. This can be doing shifts on the detector, writing and validating software for to analyse the data or working on upgrade R&D. I'm working on an upgrade project to look into the radiation hardness of fibre optic cables.

Basically, in around a decade there is a planned luminosity upgrade (basically smashing more protons together per unit time) called SLHC that means that the detectors will be in a higher radiation environment. The inner parts of the detector use fibre optic cables to get the data out, and we need to test them to know that they can survive the planned decade of running at the higher luminosity....

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solar physics by ekimmu on November 28th, 2012, 2:36 pm
i have often wondered about the electrodynamics about the solar system. While researching it i have come to some important conclusions. 1) electric fields abound as well as the more described magnetic ones 2) intra-solar space is not a void but a weak plasma with regions of differing energy levels 3) planetary magnetic fields interact with the heliosphere plasma to create energy 4) earth recieves it's storm system energy from this magnetism/heliosphere interaction. I posted some links to NASA videos in support of this on the "comments" part of my u-tube channel. my own video u tube says is unavailable. (i am working on that) this is under the u tube handle "ekimmu888" strangely even with the NASA videos people remain sceptical. very odd. the one about the moon for instance has NASA all but admitting cosmic energy is being converted to electricity in the near earth enviorment. any thoughts or suggestions?
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Designer Babies by Anonymous on April 22nd, 2014, 11:13 am
Scientific Question:
Could PGD be used to choose the sex of a baby?

A designer baby is a baby whose genetic makeup has been selected in order to eradicate a particular defect, or to ensure that a particular gene is present. In a way parents have the chance to play God by choosing what characteristics they want in their child. With the way the world is and technology advancing so much we will soon be able to choose they eye or hair color. PGD can be used to look at the sex of an embryo. The first PGD treatment was used to treat a sex-linked disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Only male babies can inherit this disease, so PGD was used to select female embryos which will not have the disease. Michael Sandel’s article, Designer Babies: The Problem with Genetic Engineering explains the growing debate on genetic engineering and if there should be limits to it what changes a parent can and can’t make to their child. Humans are born with a competitive nature to be able to do better tha...

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Triangle of Nine by mathspassion on June 5th, 2018, 6:45 am
Triangle of Nine
We all know how great this number “9” is. It is remarkably known for its cyclic properties which results in beautiful mathematical patterns.
You might also know that,
The difference between a base-10 positive integer and the sum of its digits is a whole multiple of nine. Examples:
The sum of the digits of 41 is 5, and 41 − 5 = 36. The digital root of 36 is 3 + 6 = 9, which demonstrates that it is divisible by nine.
The sum of the digits of 35967930 is 3 + 5 + 9 + 6 + 7 + 9 + 3 + 0 = 42, and 35967930 − 42 = 35967888. The digital root of 35967888 is 3 + 5 + 9 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 54, 5 + 4 = 9.
Great!. OK lets come back to what I would like you to notice here.
Take any multiple of nine and write it same number of times as the co-factor of 9 is for that number, and add their digital roots, you will get exactly the same number.
Example. Here is a multiple of 9, 18 = 9 * 2 -> 2 is the co-factor of 9 for 18 -> Write 18 for 2 times and Add their d...

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Request by Anonymous on August 7th, 2014, 4:32 am
Dear Friend
I have been told by different sources that your organization has been known to sponsor worthy causes like this up coming project on global giving.
I know the thought of turning to strangers like you for help is beyond my experience, but your group has a well- Known reputation of thoughtfulness and kindness.
Please consider this request with my gratitude and look at the project on
Any donation towards this project will be used to implement project activities
Help spread the word of this upcoming project
Thanks for your time and consideration
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