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Summer plans. by Anonymous on June 9th, 2009, 11:07 am
Now that my undergrad degree is all but over (except for a fairly pointless poster day) I've finally got my plans for the summer sorted out. Basically I have three weeks off before moving over to Geneva for two months working on the Compact Muon Solenoid's (CMS) electromagnetic calorimeter. It's not entirely set in stone what I will be doing with it. Possibilities include analysing some test beam data or some newer cosmic ray data. There'll probably be some shifting thrown into the mix too. Whatever I end up doing it'll be fun being back over the summer while all the summer students are there. I'm also hoping some of the friends I made while I was a summer student last year will be back. (Of course I would recommend any physics/engineering/computer science undergrads apply for the summer studentship, it's probably the most fun (and best paid?)...

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The quantum mechanics is wrong (1) by Anonymous on June 2nd, 2009, 2:57 am
The quantum mechanics is wrong (the light is particle, but not wave-particle duality)
zheng sheng ming
In order to show the interference fringe of light is a result of the gravitation, which the moving photons produced. I did experiment 9. (See figure 9) Three light beams A,O, and C, are created.

Figure.9. Picture a is the state of force in the three light beams A, O, and C; picture b shows the section of movement of light beams A, O, and C; picture c is the photograph of light beams A, and C when they are first on the screen; picture d is the photograph when the outer part of light beam A is removed. In picture d, the white line is the original site of light beam A when outside light beam has not been removed; the green line is the site of light beam A when its outside fringe has been removed, and the red arrow is the direction of the light beam A accepting this force; The purple line in picture b is the moving track of light...

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The origin of gravitation zheng sheng ming by Anonymous on June 2nd, 2009, 2:18 am
The origin of gravitation
zheng sheng ming


In the natural world, people have discovered four kinds of forces: the electromagnetic force, the gravitation, the weak force, and the strong force.Although the gravitation has been discovered more than three hundred years, its mechanism of origin is unclear until today. While investigating the origin of gravitation, I discovered that the moving photons produce gravitation. This discovery reveals the origin of gravitation. Meanwhile my discovery indicated that light interference fringes are produced by the gravitation which is created by moving photons. In other words, my discovery demonstrated that light is a particle, but is not a wave-particle duality. Furthermore, application of this discovery to other moving particles appears a similar effect. All these show the origin of gravitation and reveal the essence of matter wave.Along this way,I also unify the gravitation and electromagnetic...

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Contemplation by Anonymous on May 29th, 2009, 3:47 am
Contemplation really isn't thinking, in the conventional sense; it's like picking up an object, observing it, turning it around in your hands, and letting the object tell you of it's story itself. The object has more to say about itself, than you have of it.

It's like the difference between thinking about a flower, and contemplating a flower. The former is a subjective to objective experience of sorts; you're scrutinizing the flower, deconstructing the flower in your mind, thinking about the flower. Your thoughts determine what you would know of the flower.
Contemplating is an objective to subjective experience, it's like looking upon the flower without thought, soaking up the experience of the flower, turning it around in your hand, in your mind; beholding the flower and it's essence.
Contemplation is consciousness without discrimination and judgment.
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Pres. Obama meets with Pirates by Anonymous on May 26th, 2009, 12:34 pm
As some of you may know, the White House has launched its own photostream on flickr as part of its effort to be more open and to create "White House 2.0." By far, the funniest photo that has been posted on that photostream was taken for the White House Correspondents Association dinner:

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