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Reasons why your child can’t concentrate in school? by Anonymous on January 2nd, 2019, 3:21 am
There are many children’s who face different issues in paying attention in class. But you can’t imagine why this is happening. There are many reasons for that.
Low grades
A dislike of school
Disruptive behavior in class
These are some common sign of less concentration in classroom. But before finding the solution the first step is to identify the reason.
Here are some reasons:
1. Lack of practice:
Many children faces this issue after vacations. They can’t able to concentrate on studies after coming from long holidays, as they are not in practice. Some students faces this issue when they are new in school. That time they have hard time focusing in classroom.
2. Don’t understand the material:
When students are not able to understand the material then there interest and concentration start falling. This leads students to stop paying attention in studies.
3. Is not challenging enough:
Sometime whatever is being taught in class, students think that not tough for them. In that...

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Do Europeans Actually Play Eurogames ? by toucana on December 26th, 2018, 3:12 am
For well over twenty years a dominant trend in modern board games has been towards what are known as ’Euros’ - intricate worker placement games with strong historical themes based around economic engine building, resource management, trading relationships, and the development of area cartels and power blocs.

The great originals were Catan (1995) and Carcassonne (2004) which came from Germany. These so-say ‘gateway’ games were credited with helping to convert an entire generation of younger players to a radically new style of board gaming. They were quickly joined by a growing avalanche of other classic new Euro style board games such as El Grande (1995) which is set in 15th century Spain at the time of the Reconquistada, or Power Grid (2004), originally a crayon-rail game from Germany called Funkenschlag (Sparks) which mimics the macro-economics of the energy supply ...

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Blackout Hong Kong (2018) - A board game review by toucana on November 1st, 2018, 9:08 am
Blackout Hong Kong (2018) - publ. eggertspiele

This is one new board game that quite frankly annoys me. It was unexpectedly announced as a new release shortly before the Essen Spiel Festival in October 2018, but very little information was made available at first, with the exception of a PDF rule book that was originally posted exclusively in German.

A poorly localised translation was published in English a few days later, but even German writers complained that they couldn’t deliver proper previews or video playthroughs of the new game because the publishers chose not to distribute prototype or pre-release versions of the game to them. Even those who did have privileged access to prototype versions of the game said they were being prevented from using them in videos by NDA gagging clauses.

Apparently the manufacturers were afraid that videos based on prototype versions with inferior components would cause reputational damage to t...

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What is blood Cancer by Anonymous on July 4th, 2018, 5:14 am
Blood cancer which could also be referred to as hematological malignancy or cancers that when starts contaminating, the production and function of the blood cells are infected. It influences the blood forming tissues and the lymphatic system that considerable treatments are required for remission or atleast extension of the survival time. It initiates from the blood-forming tissues being the bone marrow, the fundamental tissue where blood is produced or in other cells of the immune system.
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