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- March 2011
Perfection that is today.
   March 16th, 2011, 1:45 am
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I just signed up for a class the last week. My first was this past Wednesday, I'm not too happy with the teacher. I ask alot of questions and every time she would say "we'll go over that" and just kind of blew it off. In college I had amazing teachers. I guess I was spoiled and not all teachers are that way. Kind of disappointed and there was alot of hippies and like stereotypical frat guys. Didn't bother me so much, I sat in the front in the middle, the chairs were set up a strange way so they weren't in rows they were in a line. I was wearing skinny jeans, my hair was done and in big waves, a black tank top, my Dolce jacket because I had just gotten off work and dark pink lipstick. Nobody sat next to me and every seat was filled except the two on both sides of me and there were some people that even sat on the floor. Why do you think that is? Am I intimidating? I've been told that before and I don't like that. I wish people wouldn't care and just be friendly. I'm a pretty friendly girl and like being social. Well during break everyone smiled at me and at the end alot of people said goodnight yet no one sat next to me. It was the strangest thing... I look forward to next class regardless, I'm pretty excited.

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