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- January 2012
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   January 11th, 2012, 12:50 pm

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In the last letter, I stated that I would analyze the major theories of Science against my Matrix Theory. These theories are The Theory of Evolution, The Big Bang Theory, and the Theories of Quantum Mechanics. We have covered the Theory of Evolution and so let’s move on to the other theories.

The Big Bang Theory is based upon the concept that the Universe, which consists of at least 100 billion galaxies that are spread out over at least 27 billion light years, was at one time condensed into a single point in space. This theory is tied directly to Einstein’s discovery that mass and energy are actually the same thing in different forms and that energy can be converted to mass and vise versa. Thus, this theory postulate’s that all of the Universe’s energy was at one time concentrated at a single point in space but then expanded very rapidly (like an explosion - earning it the name “Big Bang”) and it thereafter began converting into mass and eventually, various forms of matter as it sprea...

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I ended the last letter by saying that I wanted to move on in this letter to a piece of the puzzle that would bring my Matrix analogy out of the movies and into reality. However, that is going to have to wait. I’m getting ahead of myself.

I revealed an incidence in the last letter about when I questioned God regarding his making of the Earth. He told me that he purposely made it in such a manner that there would be viable evidence on both sides of the debate so as to allow for faith to be tested (one choice is no choice). What I want to do now is analyze the major theories of Science with respect to the origin of the Universe and Nature against this concept and my Matrix analogy. The theories I will analyze are, The Theory of Evolution, The Big Bang Theory, and the theories that come from Quantum Mechanics (I can’t find have been given proper names yet). I will address these theories one at a time.

To set the stage, let me review a bit. Adding what I learned from God into my Matrix ana...

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I don’t think I’m a bad person, but I certainly would not consider myself a righteous one either. I grew up running with all of thee wrong crowds and I got in a fair amount of trouble that eventually landed me at age 19 in the local jail. At the time I would not say that I was an Atheist, although if you had asked me if I believed in God I would have said no, but I was instead simply unconcerned with such things as God and Religion. However, I had an experience while in jail that left me with little room for doubt that there was at least something out there, and this made me interested in God.

Not long after I got out of jail, I began looking for information on God and Religion, mostly from the Bible, and while I was learning, I started remembering things that I had learned in science classes which caused me to raise a few questions. Thus, I ramped up my efforts to learn and this lead me to speak with a man who knew a lot more about Science and Religion than I did. In our conversation, he ...

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I have witnessed enough signs of confusion from the last couple of letters that I think it prudent that I add a note and try to clarify things before moving on. I do this because I feel that it is vital to have a firm understanding of what we have covered before doing so. Thus, let me summarize one more time and try to be a bit more clear as we consider, “What is Matter made of?” first, under the assumption that there is no God and thereafter under the assumption that there is.

If there is no God and the Universe evolved as Science believes, then it makes all of the sense in the world to investigate, explore, research and experiment in effort to figure things out. Under this scenario, the data gathered is useful and applicable to all questions, no matter what they might be. However, if there is a God that created all things, then the data we gather is only useful and applicable to questions about how our world and universe work, not about how they came into existence. This is because if ...

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In the last letter we dove into the question “What is Matter made of?” under the assumption that there is a God or Gods that exist who created all things. In that letter I stated that if God does exist, then trying to understand our world and universe on any other terms than his is illogical. In this letter I would like to go further into what I mean by picking up where we left off in the last letter, with the analogy of the Matrix.

If God is indeed giving us the chance to experience life in a ‘Matrix’ kind of way, where each of us (our intelligence/our consciousness/our spirit " whatever you want to call it) gets a turn to be plugged into the program; which program is comprised of his own virtual creation of a world and universe wherein we then have the opportunity to live and interact with one another and use our own intelligence and free will... well then in theory, wouldn’t that be just like the world and universe that we now live in?

Now, under these assumptions, I would a...

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