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- December 2012
Quantum Gravity final instalment
   December 17th, 2012, 4:57 pm
Quantum Gravity Part 3
   December 16th, 2012, 2:32 am
Quantum Gravity Part 2
   December 15th, 2012, 12:54 am
Quantum Gravity Part 1
   December 14th, 2012, 6:13 am

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Setting aside the philosophical implications of this quantum gravity model, which I explore extensively in my philosophy of the bloody obvious, there are some consequences for physics which may make this important science once again accessible to the man of common sense.
We are easily able to draw many conclusions from this model which eradicate the inherent paradoxes of general relativity, but my life’s goal has been to hurl quantum mechanics into the conceptual dustbin where it belongs. It has been the most confusing mathematical fiddle in the history of science and a monstrous affront to fundamental reason. Every event has a cause. There are no exceptions. Only existence itself can be self-causal.

It is no easy matter to regard ourselves as hurtling through time at the speed of light like a cosmic missile but if we manage to conceptualise this we see the universe quite differently.
Naturally time warps, wormholes, singularities, causal loops and all the other impossibilities vanish f...

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All of the physical structures and forces of the universe result from causal events and this model offers a mechanism for this causality. This mechanism is a necessary phenomenon which allows events in the universe to proceed in an orderly fashion, which is the world of our experience. The laws of physics have thus been programmed into our cosmos by the collapse of the previous cycle. We regard these laws as the software being run on the cosmic computer and this statement is to be taken literally. Without such laws our universe would be incomprehensible, in plain contradiction of the evidence. Since the universe is executing a programme we conclude that the universe mandates its own comprehensibility.

It does this via the mechanism of evolution towards complexity. If we regard the big bang and the inflationary expansion as one and the same thing, this event took place outside the time dimension because the time metronome, our graviton, had run out of puff and the universe could not expand...

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An expanding universe must expand in four dimensions, not three, because there can be no external frame of reference for time. This throws up some rather bewildering observer effects. The universe is expanding through its own temporal frame of reference. It is making its own time. This is the dimension in which entropy drives the expanding universe so we regard the universe as existing only at this temporal boundary. If we return to our balloon analogy then the skin of the balloon represents the time dimension and this is where the universe actually is. The three-dimensional space which the skin of the balloon encloses is the universe that we perceive. Therefore space is made by expanding time and has no independent existence. Although the universe is a finite entity it can have no spatial boundary, since it is everything that exists. However it must have a temporal boundary or reality could not proceed in an orderly fashion. The temporal boundary of the universe is the present quantum...

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1. Where did we go wrong?

This quantum gravity model of the universe proceeds from some basic principles of fundamental logic. In that sense I regard the problem of quantum gravity as a conceptual one, as opposed to a physical one, but this conceptual approach has profound consequences for the laws of physics.

A quantum theory of gravity cannot be contained within the current conceptual framework of physics. General relativity and quantum mechanics both make predictions about our universe which violate the most fundamental law of reality. Matters must proceed in an orderly fashion. An event can only occur if it has been made to occur by a previous event. This chain of causality must be traceable all the way back to the most fundamental units of reality. A random occurrence, anywhere in this causal chain, is a conceptual absurdity, because this broken chain of causality thus renders the universe incomprehensible. Yet we comprehend it. The philosophy of the bloody...

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