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- December 2012
Quantum Gravity final instalment
   December 17th, 2012, 4:57 pm
Quantum Gravity Part 3
   December 16th, 2012, 2:32 am
Quantum Gravity Part 2
   December 15th, 2012, 12:54 am
Quantum Gravity Part 1
   December 14th, 2012, 6:13 am

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All of the physical structures and forces of the universe result from causal events and this model offers a mechanism for this causality. This mechanism is a necessary phenomenon which allows events in the universe to proceed in an orderly fashion, which is the world of our experience. The laws of physics have thus been programmed into our cosmos by the collapse of the previous cycle. We regard these laws as the software being run on the cosmic computer and this statement is to be taken literally. Without such laws our universe would be incomprehensible, in plain contradiction of the evidence. Since the universe is executing a programme we conclude that the universe mandates its own comprehensibility.

It does this via the mechanism of evolution towards complexity. If we regard the big bang and the inflationary expansion as one and the same thing, this event took place outside the time dimension because the time metronome, our graviton, had run out of puff and the universe could not expand a moment further. At its collapse the universe reaches a point of maximum information density, which equates with maximum energy. The second law of thermodynamics, which is not to be trifled with, requires that all complex systems must eventually decay into ever simpler and simpler systems and all energy will simply dissipate to nothingness. The universe is doomed. Aside from the obvious fact that such a proposition makes no sense because it describes a meaningless universe, it completely ignores the fact that the universe is composed of structures which locally violate this fundamental law. These are the galaxies. They are separated from each other by vast reaches of time, and moving ever further apart, a fact of profound significance. However, when we examine the galaxies in more detail, we discover that galactic processes operate according to a different organising principle from that of the second law.

Our Universal Turing Machine is an information entity which blasted its contents into the dimension of time at the big bang. For 13.7 billion years it has been executing a programme to put itself back together again, as an eternal reality must require. The organising principle for this is the notion of evolution towards informational complexity and in our mathematical cosmos this requires information carriers. Energy is transformed into information via its distribution at the cellular level of space-grav-time. All of the properties of the universe which we observe are thus emergent and we can see many layers of informational complexity embedded within each other like Russian dolls, when we regard fundamental matter as an information carrier. The smallest particles of matter that we know about have physical properties, thus they cannot be fundamental. They are emergent. Because they have physical properties they can be defined as information carriers and when they interact with other particles they can be said to have exchanged information. At the sub-atomic level, it is this exchange of information between particles which encodes for the next order of informational complexity, namely atoms.

The evolution of the cosmos proceeds along cosmic timelines and atoms become significantly more complex information carriers as the universe matures. This allows the evolving galaxy to form itself into increasingly more complex informational structures, such as solar systems. Such stable systems in suitably benign conditions are mandated by the original software to become suitable for the emergence of the next order of informational complexity, namely life. However life alone is not the goal of the cosmic programming. The self-programming universe of this model mandates for sentient mind to evolve within life. Mind is a mandated higher order of informational complexity because the new cosmic programme is yet to be written. The universal reality generator generates a new reality every time. The future is for mind to make.

More in Part 4....

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