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- May 2013
science of God/they can coexist
   May 27th, 2013, 2:43 pm

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God is now a science called creationism. marked by a man who lived in Miami to which he never believed he now clams there is scientific evidence of a scientific God . Sence God is a scientific topic though theroys I will now discus a small segment of my 5years of study of God and science and how they can coexist even biblicaly. (I will not disprove any theroys I will do not deserve any credit this is a stated theory. because a theory is a educated gess that is backed up by facts that hasn't been proven yet.also the bible is considered a historical book all figures in the bible have been found there for makes the bible a factual book until proven not factual which is highly unlikely ) please do not undermine my age yes I have looked into a physics book and I am in college I have studied for 5years now with the bible and science not choicing one ore the other by chocing both forgive me for my gramer I'm great at math and science but as you can see not so great at gramer . first we will start...

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