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a decade from skid row and mice under glass
   September 1st, 2014, 8:24 am

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dazed and dozing on the couch, in the early evening just at the setting of the day... it is not quite spring for sure... in and out of consciousness, past non-being, and beneath the foundation of the world... i was thinking of what time it was... and what out of body experiences are... and then it struck me... time as a volume increasing in direction, velocity, definition, and in similarity... kind of a 3d shape traveling a distance at an infinitly incressive rate, with a unique detail of cosmic scope and scale, and all the while controlled... as if two universes isn't something i could say tongue in cheek and get a laugh... after all, it is a universe... cosmic and incomplete...
two universes one which is the lab rat... and the universe of control... and here among the noises of the fever it seems all too much like that movie... The Fly... and the abomination that was the monster... where the universe, having nothing to regulate or engage relativity, and therefor both a need to entangle in the quantum with another and no other to entangle with, one dimensional division... a line in a volume... an irrational constant... wormhole... it isn't that you fold space or any such thing, you have to have a 'lightning rod' for the totality of reality to lash out at in the absence of time...
the flash of lightning being the collapse of a relative pair of dimensions... say 2 dimensions hiccupped and thereby did not function... the remaining dimensions would compensate for the sudden anomalous drop in dimension in the universe that i guess the metabolism of the the reproductive organs of the universe gets turned on and the excess or wasted dysfunctional dimensions, (the relativistic pair of spacial dimensions) add to a pool of extra dimensions so deep and mysterious that we just say it is on fire and don't go near it...

*sunday, 3:16...

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