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a decade from skid row and mice under glass
   September 1st, 2014, 8:24 am

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i know that the bull whip was the first invention to break the sound barrier or some oscar meyer sshtick... and that there was a guy name of finneus gage or some that had a metal rod shoot through his head... but what good does that information do without me to process it... and if nothing... is the whole of me merely a part of a greater mechanism and if that is true... what mechanism?
is it ironic here to crack that whip... to cane that rod... strange artifacts... meteorite fiction; where the hunk of space rock, cosmic ore... has strange affect upon its earthly target... kinda gives new meaning to the idea of 'you can take the rock out of the universe, but you can't take the universe out of the rock' ... ...
look to bukowski's tombstone... look at the bust of morrison... look for life out there in the universe... with everything it needs to start inventing new whips and bologna, and having accidents all the way... i wouldn't be surprised if ET and 'God's plan' had to duke it out somewhere behind the moon to convince a super majority or some near perfect unison of yea!

*the absurdity of reality is based on firstly; the continuity of impermenence... and lastly; circular logic...

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