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- September 2014
a decade from skid row and mice under glass
   September 1st, 2014, 8:24 am

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T + sadism is easily mistakable for the sociological phenomenon associated with a 'perfect storm' (*cliche) of extenuating circumstances... call it the rivalry of ages... as in the pre-modern/present... and the irrelevancy of the past... not that the past is obsolete... and in fact the opposite... the past is the final innovation...
no... to isolate those who merely cut at the skin of the web of connectivity, makes them all the more of brand... and which is the greater good... to incorporate the 'glaring inequality of understanding and of ability to communicate in absentia...'etc. etc.. into the collective identity of the human race (*cliche)... basically... to believe your self an evolution unto itself merely because you possess an adaptation which has served YOU well does not alone secure your prodigy in the house of things to come...
as for the low, the filth, the weak... fear not the ostrasization for spelling out massive ignorance and uncertain and incomplete identity, and more... for them who are indeed sadistic...frustration is waiting to be sacrificed for the satisfaction of growth... try tantric...

not every ugly person is a sadist... not all beauty is appreciated and in fact most goes to waste...

*special edition...
**where there is a sudden influx, in a community, of potential growth for the individual; then what prey tell is the mistake in suffering the burden of supporting the expansion of horizon for identity by example and therefor by proxy of the whole... all for one and one for all...

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