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a decade from skid row and mice under glass
   September 1st, 2014, 8:24 am

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What can I say... It wouldn't be enough to just chisel out some kind of comical cartoon about the phallic likeness of life on earth... No! The powers that be in the cosmos of the imaginary had to go and introduce an extra terrestrial with some seriously bizarre physiology like no eyes and eats iron and rests its tentacles on its mouth-womb-sphincter ...
But to go into the greater beyond with speculation that they already have begun to enhance this truly alien form of theirs with bio-tech... That's right cyborg-aliens... No this isn't some episode of deep space 9 or even next generation padawan epic remake of a book by Asimov ...this is astro-evolution and skepticism about reality as it really is...
So has anyone bridged the gap between the title of this entry and the first two paragraphs... Well if not and I'm guessing that it IS not... The missing legend of Zelda is that the title alludes to prehistory and the body points at fictional futures not meant for this world... Thank god! I am certain that twenty foot tall beings from the plieties would cause all kinds of issues...

*its not that they are better in anyway, just forget all YOU know and start looking out of eyes you don't have...

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