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a decade from skid row and mice under glass
   September 1st, 2014, 8:24 am

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the other day i came across a little baby bunny rabbit... must have been hit by a passing car... but this is right out in front of my house, so... what to do... it was still alive and when i nudged it with the toe of my right foot it kinda struggled real hard to get up... as if it had a broken back or something... needless to say i made the difficult call to let nature take its course...
then today as i was leaving to run an errand... what did i see at the base of the rose bush in my front yard?... yup... bugs bunny... lucky little fellow... if you could call this shivering little critter lucky... he was still kickin... no buzzard... no stray cat... or worse had befallen it... and again i am of a mind to see if it survives the night... as if i have any inclination to care for an infant wild animal...
i mean if i knew a guy named lenny or if i could doolittle with it... ask it if it would like me to ship it back to albequerque so it can take that dog-on left turn... anywho... nature is what it is... and no philosophical argument is gonna change the fact of the matter... but its a thought that what if nature were maliable in other ways than it already is... could we cheat it... like a video game for extra lives... or whatnot...

*it isn't that there aren't enough words... its that there isn't enough time...

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