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a decade from skid row and mice under glass
   September 1st, 2014, 8:24 am

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all seeing scope, the kind you can expect to find on the back of a dollar bill... thats the wheel with a spoke for everyone... the great equalizer... no, not money... but the radius of a wheel in the sky, that keeps on turning... don't worry though this isn't pinochio... i mean have you ever cornered a cricket behind the stove or something in the middle of the night... somehow it got inside and now it won't leave or BE QUIET!... thats irony...
unmoving scale, the kind you can expect to find in the left hand of Themis and Dike... that sounds like a law firm... or two complementary constellations in the night sky over greece at some point before recorded history... i mean if you know your statistics... if you have two scales you have all you need to fix, rig, or otherwise gouge the odds to rake a profit from poor saps who bet on boxing or baseball...
the shape of things to come, full circle, thats one... but that's when you are perpendicular to the circle... of course see, thats #2... line... well a circle turned 90* flat... then there is the triangle and the square... which is really a measure most never make it past... what with the golden ratio and all... but past it you can have pentagons and hexagons and dodecahedrons and myriagons and other D&D dice...


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