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- September 2014
a decade from skid row and mice under glass
   September 1st, 2014, 8:24 am

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you gotta be on the look out... always... i mean its one thing to be looking where you are going but when its just past sunset... or sundown... which ever you honestly prefer... and you are full sprint through some old maid's back yard for one reason or another... and you get clipped from the top end... your gonna end up having to pick yourself up again and dust yourself off before you get going again...
no joke, that happened to me once... years ago... ran right smack in the kisser into a wire pulled near taught across a distance perpendicular to my path... but ain't that the way its gonna go... gotta take your time when your in a rush... no need to nearly kill yourself in such a w w e style... what with more signifigant victories to be had than getting somewhere you are already late in arrival of...
its not like the sheets billowing in the gentle summer evening breeze would have helped as much as being about a foot shorter and traveling at a rate more suitable to the conditions for such travel would have... but then again if i hadn't learned that lesson the hard way then it could have spun back around and instead of knocking me back and to the ground would land a clear and present blindside...

*stay safe out there kids...

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