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- September 2014
a decade from skid row and mice under glass
   September 1st, 2014, 8:24 am

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If you could deconstruct the cosmos of the world, really work it over with your hands… like play-dough or that synthetic moon sand isith what good is wet sand? Something like a beach comb… who invents that kind of stuff… ill tell you who… sill E. putty… he was from new York and he meant to reinvent rubber without rubber or some additional nonsense… made pink goo… like a melted eraser… sold it as a toy… made out like a bandit...
Dada dasein dada nihilism dada pablo Neruda… have you ever tried to read poetry in another man’s tongue?… dada tulip tulip… dada dada… entropy dada… is redundancy… dada dada… tulip… jedi ceci n’est pas une pipe. Dada life depicts nothing for entertainment… entertainment depicts life for nothing… dada dada dada dada da da da da da d a d a d a d d d d d…
Don’t worry im not gonna keep the lie alive… sill e. putty was james wright… and he invented silly putty in Connecticut and originally I guess was from the uk… and some other guy sold it as a toy… and silly putty really isn’t anything like play-dough… which isn’t how they spell the stuff you buy in the store… but did you know you can make that stuff… it comes out of the oven or whatever all warm and like sexy… like a melted eraser...


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