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- September 2014
a decade from skid row and mice under glass
   September 1st, 2014, 8:24 am

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back in the late 80's or early 90's there was a commercial for the internet where some girl was standing in the middle of a desert wispering in hushed tones about 'it' and how 'it' was 'coming soon' or some tripe about the future of consumerism and commercialism and materialism and computers and the margins of society expanding... at least thats what it sounded like
they will clear cut hundreds of acres over night pulp the wood into mulch... for flower beds... all hail empirical progress... they will bring the mountains to the valley for mere pebbles... slurry the sea floor...process then process then process then process them again until they are fishsticks... sell them in freezer section aisles right next to the fudgesicles and hungry man dinners...
scoff... who indeed... doth cast the first stone... throwing the stupid rock to the horizon then picking it up and going on to throw it again... then chase it down and pick it up and throw it again... and do it all over again... we are aimless and adrift... in the wasteland... going no where... arcing my lateral with celestine spin... by running the other way around the planet...isn't it against the rules to pass your own reception?

* ∞=x < y < x ≅ ((x<y)+(y< x) + x + y)

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