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Author:  Anonymous [ June 17th, 2014, 6:29 am ]
Blog Subject:  the mermaids of neverland

bubble glub blub... some people might tell you that if you turn your head quickly enough you can catch your shadow giving you the finger... but that would be insane... or else... that would be irreducibly irrational and therefor impossible to see... and for that matter the sun in the sky isn't a perfect circle... it too is an irreducible irrational constant...
i mean its as if all of the fluid dynamic of the surface tension of a bubble could serve as a measure of gravity... not that that helps a unified field theory in any way whatsoever... and wouldn't it be clever... if intergalactic space and time travel came down to a satelite meta perspective outside of reality the way that you can triangulate positions of objects in space with maths
i mean its all about geometry... the f of x and the consistency of ration... don't get me wrong... or i will deduct 37 points and send you to the office of my superior officer... i mean isn't that the point... not to run out of higherups... even if you don't believe in cynicism its you... who is the obstacle and its you who is the contestant against its obstainance...

*"oil can!"

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