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a decade from skid row and mice under glass
   September 1st, 2014, 8:24 am

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does it take one to know one... or shouldn't there be a standard range definition for the set of all irrational values... or for the cumulative infinity of the group of sets of all rational means... sure the rules of six degree's is about a 50/50 split... like flipping a coin... just an idea in a file let sit in the guts of a box on a shelf... i suppose, add sequence to the chaos and time will twist it with entropy...
if i could speak with my mouth full alittle more clearly, really enounciate the practice of marbles in my mouth... well everlasting gobstoppers... wonka and the nerds who projected the great conflict between nerds and thier eternal adversary... no no... its too presumptuous a thing to have any idea whatsoever as to how one of us will react to the mention of its name...
maybe its up in my grill right now... thats how to use that term right... grill = face... and its got itself wedged in tight to a blindspot somewhere between my eyes maybe thats what happens when you get you eyes stuck crossed... you accidentally knock out the answer to all of your problems from its setting like a gemstone worn on your face... what a pickle...

*out with the crazy... in with the crazy...

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