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- September 2014
a decade from skid row and mice under glass
   September 1st, 2014, 8:24 am

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Quick! hit the deck... there are monsters on the silver screen... and the fireside is now a sofa... tomorrow i need to spray the fence line with herbicide... so that god can hear the blades of grass scream for a little while before that few inches along the chainlink becomes unihabitable to all of those monocotyledons which are so damn hard to trim with the weed whacker
wether you live in a war zone or under an airshow you have to have a clear line of sight or all of that exhausting false thunder just pinballs around off of either brick sidings in the suburbs or throughout the wilderness of mountainous forests... not that it really matters where you live unless there are power lines or toxic waste dumps in your back yard...
now now... not all power is so easily fingered for its red hands when it comes to absolute corruption... i mean you can wish all you want on stars that scream like the grasses and butterflies but then again who can trust a judas once you realize that flesh magic is more than word magic... and you cannot take back all of the nonsense that you spout about there only being so many ways to skin the cat of an electric organism that lives beyond your fathom...


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