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a decade from skid row and mice under glass
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geometry leaves out one major aspect of shape in dimension... i mean its obvious when someone looks at a page in a textbook on the subject... that you are looking at the circle, square, triangle or dodecahedron or what have you from beyond the reality of the thing... i mean there has to be a second point of observation of the shape in order to form a perception of the dimension that the shape exists in...
its like you can draw three dimensional shapes in the second dimension but you cannot see the added 3rd dimension of the shape you illustrate from a location on the same plane as the illustration... but you still can add one dimension of length from its perspective... its like if you draw a square and from reality you can see the square is flat you can extrapolate the depth of the cube it would be a part of from said place in the 2nd D...
it doesnt require a real perspective from there i mean we as 3 dimensional beings cannot feasibly exist in 2D but if you have all of the dimensions of the 2D shape on the page in front of you and you have a place on that same page that suggests the angle from which you view the single dimension you desire to tabulate... i mean its like... in the 3rd dimension our text books are in 2D... in 2D the textbook is in 1D... the truth seems that no matter the 1 D dimension of the shape... it is the same as the 3rd dimension of a 2 dimensional shape...

*escher's 'circle' is as much an ellipse as much as it is a circle with a center, midpt., circumferance pt... and point beyond its area...

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