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a decade from skid row and mice under glass
   September 1st, 2014, 8:24 am

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it isn't enough to be alive during the shift in paradigm of some mayan calander that started August 11 3114BCE... and culminated going on two years ago on December 21 2012... you have to contribute something to the human experience... like adding a cog to the inner workings of some universal machine... and thats not easy... i mean can you even think of a thing that hasn't been concieved of yet...
not just some vivid figment of the imagination... i mean who invented dragons and demons and other allegorical dreams and what not... i mean is it too much to wonder if socrates' story of the cave was based on unrecorded history... or for that matter if hippocrates died when he invented a hypodermic and injected air to his own blood... cause if he did... that artifact would be burried in a box with the word fool on its lid...
isn't that the point though... to factualize art via the self... kind of like having a backdoor escape hatch attached to your entirely subjective experience that lets you slip out unnoticed from your own sense of reality to visit the irrational set and then re-emerge into reality without missing a beat and instead posessing greater objective meaning to the random knowledge bouncing 'round the room inside your mind...

*the world is only a map of what exists and may exist...

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