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- September 2014
a decade from skid row and mice under glass
   September 1st, 2014, 8:24 am

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there are sayings like "let sleeping dogs lie" or "don't look a gift-horse in the mouth" but what if that horse is named Mr. Ed and speaks to you with a snarky and sarcastic sense of humor you have to learn to wink to see in order to believe... or maybe that darn dawg is supposed to be keeping watch for unwanted visitors who would burgle your belongings in a heartbeat and fence them to a pawn in half that...
i mean there are at least two sagas of adventure known to man... one being this wretched bliss called life... where we are ushered in alone and naked and left to nurse and be uncomfortable and nurse and sleep and nurse and poop and nurse again until we become capable of returning the favor to some other poor identity on its way in... and the other for certain is death...
i mean what about kitty cats and egypt and religion and mysteries of faith and what we are working for as clerks on the third shift at gas stations in west virginia that only people traveling from virginia beach back home pass through for a pack of smokes at the state minimum and a few dollars in unleaded gas... not that we as a species have any task at hand but that with that in mind... we are architects of our fate, yet we have no blueprints by which to place a cornerstone...

*exit strategies are liabilities... at least where devotion is concerned...

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