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a decade from skid row and mice under glass
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if you do have a polygon which does not incorporate a curve than it is within the 12 constant and stable dimensions... and it doesn't matter how many sides or edges or points it contains... the math is simple... its just that if you were in the 12th dimension and you could approach the 13th it would only be that you are approaching a 'stoppage' of 'time and space' by way of entering the empty set...
not that i know better than steven hawking but the mantle of a cockatrice is to feast the eyes and pallet but moreso the imagination... i mean its not until you reach the realization that the set of irrational constants is a finite range albeit one of infinite values... anywho... the real idea is that the 12th dimesnion fluxuates b/n infinite value and finite value despite being where shuma-gorath sends his enemies when he is done toying with them...
i mean all the dimensions > the 13th are exotic and thereby extra bonus and superfluous then again their only can be so many of them... even if it takes a doomsday machine that has a saftey function that engages to expand the horizon its main power source would depleat by the time you expanded the potential of the dimensionality of the "UNIVERSE" no matter how many multiple verses it has its one whole reality...

*the answer to whether or not god can create a stone too heavy for him to lift is yes... but that only fulfills his destiny... i mean at that point its not about wether he can lift it... but whether or not you or all your friends can... i mean... fermat had his last theorum, reimann his hypothesis and countless conjectures later we still need to discover that just because he can, doesn't mean he must...

** challenge the world with your problems and your likely to have them solved... solve the world's problems and your likely to find your challenge is what to do in a world without problems...

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