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a decade from skid row and mice under glass
   September 1st, 2014, 8:24 am

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so i have this problem... the fence or the clothesline is crooked... at least it would have to be either that or true north is always roaming the final straw that lets the marbles fall... its a cube of ice... melting... that is: that the game is all about the idea of a static component organics tabulation machine... we are a closed system of causation and we are affected so to think of our effect...
its a wash... that is: the sea... where old men watch tides... and for what have they seen the turning forth and back in froth... but so that when the sun or rather we pirouette like fancy ballerina's and not like spun gridiron... than and only then is the issue of p a real thing and even then its a bit of a con... i mean if you cannot disconnect... then your only ever winning that chi-a-byss... and by then your words are slurring...
its not about a sensation that you remember or not... its more like a rube goldburg scales for just ice... i mean if you 'play it cool' you might be ok for a great while longer... or at least until the garden party... and by that i mean ... its genius or its strange enough to be thought of as genius... and by then you'll have things that don't exist between you and the other side of the argument... so... you cannot rule the dojo of your master no matter what your discipling treatment may suggest of grasshoppers and aesop

*don't bother the quartered stag but share in the hunt... share in the lesson... share in the chase... share in the spoils... ...oh... and don't kill the spirit of your nature...

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