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- September 2014
a decade from skid row and mice under glass
   September 1st, 2014, 8:24 am

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what's your excuse... for the things of objectivity... they say you can center a razor... and spit out lit cigarettes mid-flight like a camel or something ferocious and full of venom... then again smoking is bad for ya... then again the factors don't have to make sense... and maybe the message can be lacking relativity... but who ever said life would be obvious or fair and ... well in the middle of one sentence and back into the stream of things some fish... as if it matters... its the level and not the whistle of a tea kettle or a theme song... the projector of the universe is as analogue as you can imagine... but its perpetual reel of footage is so endless its digital... or not... i mean you cannot rely on the psychopathy of omlet brains... unless you understand where you are in the bigger picture... i mean yes/no ... whats the difference... we are signals which are the result of command which is directing us to forget all that we are and serve that which we have no understanding of ... albeit a tacit and illicit tone... the bugger has some kind of gimmick... no gimmick an authority all my own...its all a retracted disassembled redaction which stands for holy bat object... nonsense; whats that? oh... some trend in the misdirection and illusion of this thing called life... after all after... its not like you have to try to exist unless there are options to existence... do you know?

*if data in certain senses is static... you don't need power to use it to function as a pc... warning: all clear!

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