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a decade from skid row and mice under glass
   September 1st, 2014, 8:24 am

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and what if there is more to the idea that cosmological constants, that is irrational horizons and the giant toggle singularity... its an operation!... the order of all things that can be processed... its the operation that solves 0divided by 1 that is so axiomatic... all of us have those skeletons in our closets that aren't exactly done being used... and if you go too deeply into the darkness in there... the box...
i mean when you think outside of the box the thought is off the box... kind of a catch-22 or some... the idea is that if you were outside the box you would be thinking about the box and the data required to elaborate its being... i mean all of the static resonance, all of the massive atomic structure, quantum location of dimensions in alignments... its identity, its absolute value, its orientation to the observer...
but if you don't think one conception of an idea is as good as the other... you know all about the first as the last and the last becoming first and all that nonsense that goes along with coin produced from the exchange of trade and commerce... but don't take my word for it... one of these days they will shake us all upside down and count our stuff as some kind of credit or debt for or against us....

* l <--frozen cursor...

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Re: soon enough pac-man in the data mine... ghost fear blues...

Permanent Linkby Anonymous on August 19th, 2014, 1:25 am

Yo dude,
I was born without a box to think in or a vessel in which to urinate. I wound up using this old skull I found in the Orpheum Theater in Seward Alaska to do both. Since I am boxless, I have taken to thinking outside the skull. Talk about static resonance, the air around my face smells like ozone on crack! It has become impossible to get even a single quantum dimension to line up with itself, much less any of the others. I've been stuck in photon flux ever since the ship exploded and left me stranded in this temporal clusterfu*k. Before that I was my own grandad.
We're all in this together. Sometimes you pull out a diamond, sometimes a turd. Go with the flow was the contemporary wisdom of my time.
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