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a decade from skid row and mice under glass
   September 1st, 2014, 8:24 am

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you know it already and i haven't even written it... haven't even spoken it... haven't even entirely thunk it... but that don't stop a thing like you... from breaking windows with your tee shot... or hacking at cat tails for the red-winged black birds that nest where they can pluck little bugs from the fluff inside the large dookie looking buds on the reed...
i mean it doesn't take a genius to figure that all this is just you regurgitating yourself up for yourself as a little midnight snack before 10pm so as not to tern all gremlin... but then some gizmos DON'T appreciate the value of NOT turning into those evil sabatuers, is that even how you spell sabatuers? or is it sabateurs or maybe its sabatures... anyway there is one outside the plane on the wing ripping wires and cogs out of the jet engine...
never fear the looney toonie is hear and she is one of those waving in the streets mad cats who never got declawed but also isn't afraid to dart out into traffic and proove the old wives tale about 9 lives and the last one being the one that curiosity speaks for... then again... that left turn in albuequerque is a squirrely last resort and its not as easy to take as one of the short-cuts in mario cart or some 64 bit revival... which i guess is the problem with people these daze... they all think themselves able to do it for some strange reason having to do with religion or politics or nature's call or some kind of quack quack...

*the bird is the word...

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