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Author:  uninfinite [ July 11th, 2016, 12:32 am ]
Blog Subject:  Thinking about...

I've been thinking about thinking, and wondering whether what I think is just what it occurs to me to think because I'm me, or if it's possible to think somehow beyond myself. Perhaps this now is such a public domain subject; an idea that's out there as a consequence of the nature of people and reality and mind, that if my logic is sound in discussing this, I am not thinking this just because I'm me.
It occurs to me that perhaps it would serve us to consider whether adding a list of numbers is a subjective exercise with an objective result - but why does this occur to me? Somehow I see that, what must from a behaviorist perspective seem to be an objective exercise, can be undertaken in any number of subjective ways - which would seem to suggest that the product of thought is not the process of thought, and that even as I strive for a logical approach to this problem, this idea of adding a list of numbers arrives unbidden.
To consider this idea - in itself seems reasonably logical, and there's an obvious relation between logic and math that may go some way to explain its occurrence, however - there's no logical necessity - that thinking about thinking will necessarily lead to the idea of adding a list of numbers, in order to distinguish process from product. And this leads us back to the question of why this thought occurred to me, and the process by which it occurred. Indeed, it seems entirely possible that there is a better example that casts more light on my dilemma - or even just a different light, that hasn't occurred to me because I'm me.

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