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- December 2016
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Up until now, the Inflation Theory has been the most acceptable explanation for the existence of our universe. However, recently there appears to be some meaningful negative comments associated with this theory. Physicist Paul Steinhardt, one of the three main investigators of the theory claims that the Fine Tune Environment has come at such a high price, that it now lies beyond the natural simplicity that nature employs within its building blocks.
Physicists Lawrence Krauss, and Adam Riess join Neil Turok in rejecting inflation theory, and in its place, look for answers which comply with the nature’s simplicity. It seemed a bit extreme to select our universe, from a supposed infinity of multiverses, to be the one and only candidate that meets this Fine Tuned requirement. Also, the notion that the inflation period lasted approximately 10-33 seconds, expanding at a rate millions of times faster than the speed of light, lies beyond what many consider as rational. To claim that this happened due to a quantum fluctuation, which typically lasts for ~10-43 seconds, seems a bit of a far reach.
These complications all but rule out the need for such excesses, perhaps guiding us to modify our approach and shift away from such a strong mathematical alliance and consider some of the metaphysical evidence that emphasizes quantum principles. Therefore, it seems justified to stick our necks out a little and consider another somewhat obtuse idea that closely follows both quantum and the Participating Anthropic principles of John Wheeler.

Imagine, before there was a universe, there could only be a spaceless and timeless VOID where absolutely nothing physical exists. In fact, the only thing possible would be thought-like notions, independent of time or space, existing in an a-priori setting. In this VOID, these notions would consist of the collection of total knowledge, including every probability scenario conceivable. We know this total assemblage of knowledge exists, since our observations confirm that a masterfully orchestrated collection of all we see and comprehend, exists today as our reality. ( Thread to continue later )

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Re: Our Existence, A Vivid Dream Masquerading As Physical Reality?

Permanent Linkby Dave_Oblad on December 25th, 2016, 4:35 pm

Welcome goodytree,

I've been saying the same thing for 5 years:

We Exist within the Solution of an Equation.

Best wishes,
Dave :^)
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