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Releasing the Heart
   December 28th, 2009, 5:30 am
Relaxing in to Automatic Health
   December 22nd, 2009, 9:44 pm
Swimming in Gasoline
   December 13th, 2009, 9:49 pm
Facing Predicted Death - SUFFERING
   December 8th, 2009, 9:25 pm

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Procreating, excreting, breathing, pumping blood, vocalising, thinking, etc. occur automatically within the human body, but we can exercise some degree of control over these functions. We can imagine 'turn-offs', we can hold in faeces or urine, we can hold the breath, we can change our heart rate, we can learn new languages, and we can indulge in thought.

The most powerful method of control we appear to have is via our thoughts. Being automatic and habit-based themselves, dominating thoughts can cause us to slip in to modes of existence where we are unconsciously hampering other biological functions we need to be healthy. For example; we can become so wrapped up in what we are doing that we will subconsciously ignore hunger or the need to go to the toilet. Indeed, the societies we live in can often be constructed in such a way that we ingrain waiting long periods of time before going to the toilet, or not eating when hungry, as daily habits. Such 'imposed' lifestyle habits seem to maintain...

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When we are not relaxed it seems our awareness can be clouded. A mind busied with busy-ness can easily miss profound details. Sometimes this can be comforting: "ignorance is bliss".

At some point, however, people appear to arrive at a place where they have to decide whether their blissful ignorance is the cause of unwanted suffering. If they decide that they need to relax their body and mind, identify the sources of suffering, and seize control of those causes, then it seems they need to find a way to successfully relax regularly and effectively enough in order to become aware of their deeper motivations and make the desired difference to their life become a reality.

Lying down appears to be the best way to relax, but with it most often comes falling asleep, and thus a lack of awareness.

Sitting upright seems to be the next best physical relaxation activity, however the strong support base can again allow the mind to switch off, and sleep creeps upon one.

Standing up follows...

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These schizofrenic 'developed' Capitalist societies most of us live in; where it is unacceptable to be selfish when relaxing, but socially acceptable to be greedy when doing business, appears to be a very unhealthy state of existence for us humans.

When alternative social models and systems are laid out in front of people, a panic appears to begin to kick in - reports that other options are prone to failure are thrown around, as if 'developed' Capitalism hasn't generated illegal wars like Iraq and brought terrorism on a huge scale to the responsible nations. What appears to be more at the core of the panic is people's attachment to their ill-gotten gains; their luxuries and over-indulgent lifestyle habits, especially when compared to the rest of the world.

It seems humans formed cooperative survival strategies - societies - in order to pool resources and live as equals. We can jump in to one another's shoes just by looking at one another; empathise to the degree we can model each other's...

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It seems we have many ways to cover up the suffering we can experience every moment of every day - maybe the subconscious anxiety associated with the idea that what we consider to be our individual existence will someday 'die' and disappear - the idea that some core aspect of who we are is impermanent.

In order to 'self-medicate' such suffering, we can turn to all manner of 'intoxicatants' - imagining future, past or fantastical scenarios, drugs, sex, family drama, consumerism, competitive sports, etc., etc. - even if some of these things are stressful, none of them apparently compare with the universal stress of anticipating one's apparent death.

Some suffering-avoiders; like searching for intellectual solutions to problems while one's body is engaged in physically resolving a different kind of problem, can be quite subtle it seems. This is especially the case where there is no obvious or apparent negative force resulting from the enforced ignorance and lack of focus on what one is doing...

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What or who is it within us who witnesses our witnessing? Is it our thoughts? It seems not.

When we are sleeping we can dream that we are a comic-book superhero, an actor, an alien, and even an animal. For the length of that dream we can believe very strongly that we are that person or thing, but when we wake up we can realise we are not that person or thing and that we weren't actually that person or thing while we were dreaming. Even if we were an animal, we remember being that animal in a very human way. It seems something or someone human was witnessing that delusion while we were dreaming. What or who is that witnesser?

It seems like it is pure awareness.

Since our thoughts can create a very realistic, yet illusory world all around us and within our head; causing us to believe we are something we are not, it seems safer to identify our true self with that which is within us which is always witnessing - this pure awareness separate...

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