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What has happened to Music?
Its terrible.
I'm a teen and even I can see that something has gone awfully wrong. Firstly, its all depressing, no wonder suicides are up, I bet you that the only reason the banker's lost our money is because they were paying to have this sort of music stopped. Secondly None of them are original, they are all re-make's of old classics. Thirdly there isn't really any tune to modern day song's, you used to be able to get them stuck in your head for day's, but not any more.

I'd now like to raise a second point, Moral in Society is dropping faster and faster everyday, and I don't think that the recession alone is to blame, where ever we go, we hear this modern day music crap, and within minutes are suffering from manic depression! When will these Music artist's learn that in a time of Major depression, the last thing we want is more depression.

I agree that some modern music is ok and not too depressing, but, it seems that shop's and radio stations only play the depressing ones or the ones that sound like a cat being sucked through a jet engine!

None of you can disagree that A) modern music is very depressing and B) It isn't helping our situation.

I bet you half the banker's who have jumped off a building in the past year did it to Beyonce - Broken Hearted Girl.

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