CAUSATION: ''a top and bottom''

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CAUSATION: ''a top and bottom''

Postby socrat44 on September 2nd, 2019, 4:48 am 

TOPIC: Downward causation:
George Ellis at the 6th FQXi Meeting
FQXi BLOGS, September 2, 2019
CAUSATION: ''a top and bottom''
'' . . . he is not entirely convinced that there is a top or bottom. ''
At the most fundamental level, upward and downward causation
must not only both exist, but must exist in a very specific form.
/ Robert H McEachern /
Bottom-up causation can presumably only work if we know
everything about the bottom, but we have no certain knowledge
that there is a bottom, that there are not, indeed,
"turtles all the way down".
/ Peter Warwick Morgan /
( . . . we don't even know if there *is* a bottom)
/ Blogger Ian Durham /
We do know that there is a bottom and we know exactly
what it looks like - a single bit of information
(Shannon's definition of a bit, not physicist's)
/ Robert H McEachern /
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